eyes tearing constantly

Does anyone else have the problem with their eyes always being wet? I've had to stop wearing makeup. If my hands are full and I can't wipe the tears away, they just run down my face. It's embarrassing for people to stop and ask me if everything is OK because they think I'm crying. I miss my makeup. I need my makeup. I need all the help I can get. I have more face on my head than the normal person because of moon face which I know has been discussed a lot lately. Does anyone know if anything can be done about the excessive tearing?

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I love Make-up it's my thing....can't live without it.....But, I have the exact same problem.....my eyes have been tearing up for the past 5 years, sometimes they would turn pink.

I don't think there is really nothing you can do about the tearing.....and it becomes frustrating because everyone thinks your crying and the makeup is running everywhere.....

Some days if my eyes are tearing really bad I don't wear the make up because it makes me look like a hot mess. So, some days I just grin and bare it....:((

As a matter of fact the Opthalmologist is the one who began testing me for sarcoidosis. I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Sarc of my eyes, nose, lungs and possibly my heart.....


Good Luck and if you find out how to keep the make up on let me know...

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I have it also. Mine is caused by the sarc being in my sinuses and it's blocking my tear ducts causing them to constantly leak. There;s nothing you can do about it but push on your ducts to relieve the pressure. As for makeup...I had to give mine up : (

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Please be sure to see an opthalmologist to check your eye pressures and to rule out any inflammation lurking without symptoms yet. I waited too long - by the time I paid attention to the symptoms (too busy over the holidays) I woke up one morning with partial blindness. Now I can't see well enough to put makeup on if I wanted to.


My eyes have been tearing (drooling) for four wks. Today it finally seems to have almost completely subsided. Pred eyedrops really help. Through it all I never complained because I was so thankful it wasn't dry eye like last year! That was very annoying, uncomfortable and I looked like I was on a whiskey binge with 24/7 red puffy lids.

I get remarkable relief by using the saline nasal irrigation called Niel Med in the morning - it quickly reduces the sensation of facial inflammation, minimizes the dry stuffiness and reduces brain fog as a bonus! I can't use eyeliner or mascara any more but a little other color here and there makes a genuine smile go a long way. Oh well - it's said 'less is better'.


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You said it all IreneMarie. My eye doctor has increased my number if check ups and told to keep an eye for any pain. She said it can be rather intense and if so to see her immediately. My eyes run, then it stops. I periodically have the hangover look.The opposite is to have them dry up or clog;she said it is a simple surgery to fix. I have sarc in parotid, sinuses, tear ducts, throat and the mediastinal lymphs.

I am a lipstick girl. : )

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Thanks for all your replies.
I guess it's just another thing I must accept. I had given the makeup up sometime ago. As of late I had been thinking that if I look better, perhaps I will feel better. So after new hair color and cut, the next thing was makeup. The makeup was a disaster. It was on for maybe 15 minutes. Seems my eyes have gotten sensitive to having anything around them. Oh well....

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I think the NeilMed is wonderful. When I was first told to use it I thought ugh, I don't want to do that. But It helps tremendously. I've had surgery to remove the sarcoid from my nose so I don't have to use it as much as I used to but I always keep it on hand.

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My Sarc is located in the same places. My eye symptoms are always without pain but always with increased floaters and and over all 'snowiness' effect.
I feel like I'm always peering through 'dirty windows'. When the facial pressure increases the eye pressures increase as well - thankfully this last time from extra orbital inflammation rather than intra ocular.
One thing that is hard to describe to the eye docs is the 'snowiness' thing. I used to work in a hospital on the night shift. Never used a flashlight. Now I can't drive at night because of seeing 'whiteness' and really bad oncoming glare. It's an overall blotchy whiteness. But, in a bright light it looks grayer.... plain colored surfaces (walls, mirrors etc.) look 'dirty' or like a 'tone on tone' faux finish effect. Needless to say I go nuts cleaning glass - it's better just to walk away after the first attempt :)

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The NeilMed is such a simple wonder - God bless the doc who invented it! My nasal surgery improved thing for about three years - I won't bother going that route again unless my eyes are buggin outta my head!

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I wear those big fit-over sunglasses. I have found that the sun is mostly responsible for my tearing and eye discomfort. But they have to be the fit-over kind so sun can't get in on the sides or from above. And they have to be the darker UV lens ones. I have eye relief now by doing that. The glasses aren't attractive, but I had to give up the whole vanity thing to make my eyes better. If you can afford it, you can get nice glasses, but I got mine from NOIRs online. Contact them by phone and tell them you want the ones recommended for sarc patients. They will know what you are talking about. That is where many sarcies go for their sunglasses.

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I'm glad to know that. I'll give them a call. I usually do wear sunglasses. I live in Florida so they are a must. But I don't have any that prevent all sunlight from getting through.
I did read that there is a J tube that can be inserted in the eye that helps to drain the tears. Not sure I want to do anything like that.

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Hi IreneMarie,

It's amazing but you know I read your posting and could identify with the floaters and the continuous cloudiness that I have...it's like looking through dirty windows.....everything in my eyesight is foggy.

I pray each day and night that it goes away.

The opthalmologist said that he could see snowballs, floaters and debris in my both of my eyes. Right now they have me on Prednisolone every three hours. Now, that I am taking the Prednisolone my eyes don't tear up as much.

Ms. IreneMarie, I would like to know how long have you had problems with your eyes? Is this the beginning of the end of my eyesight? Please tell me more about your eyesight.

Dear c1cope,

I must say that my eyes began with the tearing before the floaters and the cloudiness began......maybe you can get to your opthalmologist as fast as you can to prevent what may become blurred vision accompanied with floaters and cloudiness.

That way you can you will be able to continue wearing your makeup without interference.

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Hi Eboneegirl,

Thanks for asking - I like to share:)

My partial blindness came on suddenly - one day to the next. I had odd symptoms for about 4 wks which I had never heard described by anyone so didn't think they were serious because there was no real discomfort of any kind.

The symptoms before the pemanent optic nerve damage were circular flashes, like seeing my corneas reflected on the back of my eyelids at night. Only three months before, having had a thorough routine eye exam, I didn't bother to call the doc for this seemingly minor stuff. With the bustle of the Holidays and no vision problems I didn't bother to call the doc.

The small portions of the optic nerves died from pressure from swelling/inflammation in and around them (the neuro opthalmologist called it a stroke of the eyes). Both eye pressures were over 20(normal pressures are 10-12). He refered to it as a kind of glaucoma. Blood work and what he saw pointed to Sarc but no biopsy was possible for confirmation.
The total blindnes is about 30% and mostly peripheral in the form of clear oddly shaped blind spots - like missing pixels - or like a clear greasy smear on your eyeglasses. At first it made me blink like crazy - trying to clear it away. They tended to shrink or condense once I was started on a high dose pulse of Pred and Pred eye drops but they are permanent. For the most important things like reading (when I look at a four letter word the two middle letters are missing, with the left eye closed I can only see eyebrows clearly on a TV screen, the nose and mouth have disappeared), the peripheral vison of one eye makes up for the blind spots in the other since their location varies in each eye. But for up close stuff like applying eyeliner or mascara the blind spots make it impossible and the tearing makes it impractical.
Now I can tell when the eye pressures are up and need Pred eye drops because the 'snowiness' pulsates with my heart rate, the chunky omeba-like floaters become particularly annoying and at night I am really limited in dim light by the blochy overall whiteness (definitely need nite lites now). Also, the flashing corneas are visible with rapid eye movement in the dark.
Since these have become reliable signs for me all my eye docs (in Fl. and Ct.) have given me the go ahead to use the Pred eye drops at my own discretion and check in before next scheduled appointment if anything other than the familiar symptoms occur or persist instead of subside.

Meantime, the plan to control this chronic uveitis is steroid sparing long term anti inflammatory meds. I'm on Pred 20 and MTX 15/wk. and hope to start tapering the Pred next wk. My other symptoms are manageable - much better than they were. Shortness of breath and low muscle stamina/weakness has become a new normal because they have not improved - I'm also not 20 years old anymore :/

What specific eye problems has your doc described v.s. what you see and feel? My docs and the internet have educated me fairly well about my eye Sarc. Your eyes like mine, did NOT come with an expiration date so do not worried, friend. Do become educated and let nothing unsual go unchecked. If you can't get a same or next day appointment for a problem - keep calling docs till someone fits you in - your eyes are your most precious gift.

Here's lookin atcha kid!

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Hi Mellie,

As you can see I go nowhere without my visor. If it's windy I tolerate a baseball cap. There are lots of cheap pretty good looking wrap around fisherman's sunglasses in Walmart which even have 'hooded' frames. They are VERY good, and cheap to replace or keep more than one around.
I see you wear regular glasses, too. I wear, but don't like sunglasses, but absolutely can't tolerate wearing one pair over another. All that pressure on my nose makes my sinuses and lymphatics back up then my eyes begin to feel swollen and tired.
Strange how things affect folks differently. It's fun to keep experimenting and find new solutions :)

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Often tearing is a sign of eye dryness. I had this for a couple of years too. I had to stop wearing make up. Mascara especially. I found it irritated my eyes. I have worn it again just recently and it was the first time in years it didn't cause irritation.

You need to to an eye specialist about the tearing. Sarcoid tissue can block the tear ducts. You may be in the early stages of this. This is what happened to me. First one eye and then the other. They prescribe artifical tears, duct plugs or cautery. Mine are still dry and I'm now OK. They get dryer when sarc is fully active.


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Back in 2002 before I knew I had sarc, I had one eye that teared all the time because of a blocked tearduct. I went to the eye doc in Germany and he... and I swear I'm not lying... took a needle filled with saline, entered the needle into the tearduct and injected the saline. Next thing I know, I could feel the saline going down my throat and it was unblocked. Hope I never have to do that again! If you do it, makee sure they have a steady hand!!!

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Where do you get Niel Med??? I need help with the floaters and cloudiness, too. My eyes are often wet, but not yet enough to stop me from using make up... yet... I don't know what I would do if it came to that!!!!

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I've had the saline needle in the tear duct thing. weird feeling. It didn't show any blockage at that time.
You can get Neil Med at the pharmacy. I believe it's on the aisle with the cold meds. It comes in a kit with the saline rinse packets that are in powder form that you mix with distilled water. The bottle to mix in is included. I mix mine, put it in the microwave for 15 seconds and shake it and the temp is just right. It can quickly become a part of your daily hygiene regimen. This stuff works great.

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Can't quite grasp the mechanics of how I can have dry eyes and tearing at the same time - alternately, yes - but excessive tearing except while asleep? It would seem I don't need stents since the 'drooling' has finally resolved - maybe the MTX has kicked in. Anyhow, the eyes are normal for now.

Yes, NeilMed is a must have!

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And I thought mine was allergies, which I have never had before. I just drag around a makeup bag with me. Mine seems to be the worse in the AM, but there are days it is round the clock. I even wake up some mornings with "tear tracks". Must go hand in hand with all that sweating. Heck you'd think I would weigh less but nooooooo LOL!

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My eyes are weird too. I have sarc in them. I always feel like there is sand in them. When I wake in the morning they are so dry I need to splash water on them to be able to open the lids. Then during the day they tear and it runs down my face. My floaters are less lately but my lids are always very swollen upon waking. My eye doc told me I should wear goggles when I sleep to help prevent the morning dryness.

My eyes are very light sensitive so I wear these sunglasses I can put over my eyeglasses that wrap around, called Solar Shield. I find them at Walmart. My husband tells me I look like I need a seeing eye dog when I wear them but they help alot when I am outside. I use steroidal eye drops and have gone from 4 times a day to once a day over the course of 4 years. I also use Optive which helps somewhat.

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