Exciting new findings on cause of sarc!

This is exciting news! Finally, we soon may have a treatment that works for all cases!

"A Century-Old Puzzle Comes Together: Scientists ID Potential Protein Trigger in Lung Disease Sarcoidosis"


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This has made my day! I hope this leads to a treatment ASAP. Thank you for the good news. God bless you and your family!


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It made my day, as well. I have a Google news alert set to catch articles like this. It was pretty surreal to finally read one that offered such hope. I got pretty emotional. Let's just pray a treatment is developed soon!

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What I love about this article is that it is from a very credible group of Doctors. I get hit up all of the time with peoples causes and cures, but they are from much less reliable and trusting groups - if you know what I mean.


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THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR SHARING!!! I am so glad that i logged on today to find this artical...

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Emotionial!!! YES :)

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Thanks for sharing. I hope this can pin point causes so a cure can be found. Atleast treatments that do not have terrible side effects.

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I am so excited to hear this as not only will it potentially help really treat the root problem, it may also help to find treatments for the symptoms through out the body. My aching ankles would so welcome a medicine that actually works!!

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