elbow pain due to sore spot on the bone

I have constant elbow pain from a sore spot that is on the elbow bone, not in the joint. It hurts like crazy when I push on it and if I over use or carry something heavy, I can barely lift my arm for a couple of days. Anyone have have this and is there anything I can do? I had an x-ray and they said it was negative for sarc but I was told they were looking at the joints, not the bones.


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I had this same pain for over a month in my left elbow. I couldn't touch the bone. I couldn't lift even a pan without pain. I had an MRI and went to an Orthapedic Dr....the results were tendonitus, which is of course that lovely inflammation I so dread. He gave me a velcro strap to put on and a script for physical therapy. By the time I set up my appt. for therapy after suffering with this for over a month it was gone and never returned. It was almost a year ago to the day. Now....I am wearing the velcro strap on my right arm because the exact symptoms have hit me in that elbow.

This is how Sarc has been for me....I will suffer for a few weeks...go to the dr. and then poof...gone..moves on to another location.

The velcro strap really takes the pressure off the tendon. I will say that.

Hope you feel better....

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Thanks, I have one of those from a previous injury so I'm going to give it a try.

Take care

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I've had that same elbow problem for a couple of years. The velco strap didn't help at all for me and neither did physical therapy. The ortho said it was tennis elbow and gave me a steroid shot in the elbow. It works for about 2 months. The pain of the injection is almost unbearable but it sure helped for about a year. The last injection was the worst. The doctor stated that if it didn't keep me pain free for a much longer time period then surgery would be the only thing he could do. That was about 6 months ago and it must've worked. No pain for quite a while but......I'm extremely careful when lifting anything and I always grip something with my palms curved up and that seems to help.

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I have this exact same thing, a very sore spot on the outside of the elbow bone. It started on my left elbow and is now on the right elbow, and I recently noticed the same thing on my right wrist bone. Like you say, it is on the outside of the bone and not in the joint, although I did have a lot of arthritis in both of the elbow joints around the same time (not in my wrist joint though - at least not yet). It is very strange. I have also noticed that, on the outside of both elbows and now the wrist joint, I have developed little lumps under the skin that move around. The left elbow, where the arthritis started, actually seems to have some knobbiness on the end of the elbow bone itself. The rheumatologist seemed to be very concerned when she felt these, and had me tested for RA, but thankfully the test came back negative.

I have to say, the arthritis is almost gone now. My doctor put me on a program that includes 6 gelcaps of extra strength fish oil each day, and after about a month or so the arthritis started going away. At this point, about three months in, it is about 90% gone. The lumps and tender spots on the outside of the joints are still there but not as painful.

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