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Hi all
I haven't been around much lately as I have been blessed with my second remission, but I received a notice in the mail and I know there are some here who will want to know.
Dr Judson is leaving the Medical University of SC at Charleston SC. His letter stated that unfortunately his departure will leave the Pulmonary dept without a sarcoid specialist.

The good news is he s moving to Albany Medical College to be the chief of pulmonary and critical care in Albany NY. So if anyone is in that area, and looking for a lung/sarcoid specialist---he is the BOMB!


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Thanks for the information, but I am still too far away in California. But for all sarkies in NY area I would jump at the chance.


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Yes I got the same letter the other day and I was like what am I going to do? I told my family and my wife and was like awww man.

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Hello guys I am also a patient of Dr Judson and I got the same letter when I got I cried like a baby because he is not just a great doctor he is Family, the great thing is we all know that he will be happy until MUSC find just the right doctors for his patient, I spoke to him and he is having just as hard of a time as we are with him leaving but we have blessed with having such a wonderful doctor so now he has to move on and help others. so I have decided not to be selfish and just wish him luck!!!

I would also add that my name is Kelly Wright Broussard, I live in Beaufort and I have been looking for Sarkies near me to start a support group and help with awareness or if you know a support group in that area that would be great also. If anyone is interested my e-mail is kellywbroussard@yahoo.com and you can also find my support on facebook sarcoidswarriors@facebook.com

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I found out about this several months ago when I was attempting to get in to see him. I was willing to fly to Albany to see him and they indicated that they did not know if he would be seeing Sarc patients in Albany or not. Without ever meeting him, I also felt a profound sense of loss. But, that is when I made an appointment with Dr. Baughman and am very very pleased. But, it is getting harder and harder to see someone who knows this disease.

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