When seeking treatment at the Cleveland Clinic for Sarc, is changing your diet a manditory thing or part of the treatment.

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I would think that if you are at Cleveland looking for help and they are changing your diet is it a healthy way of helping you instead of using extra drugs. I have found that by changing my diet for fibromyalgia helped more than I gave doctors credit for. Diabetics have to eat a certain way. So do sarcies.
It doesn't hurt to try. I find when I go wayward I feel uckier all over, more pain, forgetfulness, fatigue, malaise, etc.

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Hi gonenatural, what is the diet? Can I find it on the net? Thanks caro

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For me it's being off sugar/flour/wheat that makes a difference in decreasing the prednisone hunger. And I just feel better in general too.

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I'll 2nd the last post! Staying away from sugar/refined carbs helps. I try to eat good lean protein, lots of fresh veg/fruit and real whole grains. I also eat the biggest meal/protein load in the morning with the pred. That helps curb the pred effect too.

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Delirious posted the sarcoidosis diet that is virtually identical to what I follow. It keeps me on track, along with avoiding stress. The diet and stress avoidance have made a huge difference to me. I am not on any medications but I am coping with the pain, fatigue & brain fog so much better during the last few months. I am looking forward to the results of pathology I have just had done, but have to wait another 4 weeks to see the specialist.

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Could not find "Delirious" on the site. Would someone post the recommended diet for Sarcs please.

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