curcumin and breastfeeding

Hi! I have dxed pulm sarc via bronch at National jewish last year. Immediately after dx, I had a surprise pregnancy so any treatment (if any) was put off. As many of you know, post partum runs a high risk for a flare up, which I believe I am in...I think that it has spread to my heart and spleen.

Anyway, I have read about the amazing results with curcumin, and I just ordered 2 bottles off of nutrivene. The only problem is that I am breastfeeding my almost 4 month old. Every link I have found says that it is not know if it is safe to BF and take curcumin. The best that I can find is that via normal dietary intake, 60 to 200 mg is ingested in indian cultures so that appears to be safe. But from what I understand I would be taking 500mg to 8 mg, right? Can anyone find ANYTHING about studies being done about curcumin and breastfeeding?

I would HATE to stop breastfeeding, but I really feel like I need to pull the trigger and start some form of treatment and I am terrified of prednisone. Thanks.

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I don't think there is a single study on curcumin and breastfeeding, either in the lab or in a trial, anywhere. Then again, there are very few studies on herbs or drugs and pregnancy, because of the thalidomide disaster in the 50s. Almost all studies are done on men.

Having said that, just to be safe, I'd cut way down if you want to continue to breastfeed. While Prednisone is has been considered safe for breastfeeding women, because very little of it makes it into the breastmilk, my take on curcumin is that it probably would not be as safe, esp. in higher dosages, since it is fat soluble (meaning, most of the curcumin would make it into the breastmilk). Curcumin is basically a food product, so it's safe to ingest, but it is also a powerful immunosuppressant, which a sarc patient needs, but a developing child doesn't. While daily ingestion of tumeric in cooked foods is obviously fine for millions of Indian women and their babies, taking a really high dose of an immunosuppressor, which because of it's fat solubility, I'm guessing would pass into the breast milk, wouldn't be good for a developing child, methinks. 200mg of curcumin would the equivalent of about 2g of tumeric /day, which is a couple of heaping teaspoons, about the normal amount used in cooking. That would probably be equivalent to the measurements in mg of Nutrivene, since tumeric is cooked in oil at high heat, which vastly increases the bioavailability of curcumin ingested.

That's just my take on it. If you're not currently taking curcumin, then if it were me (or my wife), I'd just wait until you're finished breastfeeding, just to be safe.

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Sorry, 200mg of curcumin would be the equivalent of 4g of tumeric, which is probably on the high side far as what a typical indian woman ingests daily. I don't have any hard facts on that, however.

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Thanks Neil. What dosage of nurtrivene do you recommend? Do you think 200mg or less would have any effect on sarc?

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