could wheat flour dust be a trigger?

I was a school cook for over 18 years only after the federal govement told us we had to use 50% wheat flour in our baking did I get sick. The flour was bug infested, moldy and when you mixed it up dust flew every where. I started havving upper resper. infections and sinus problems. Droctors seem to forget that flour dust is the same as any other dust it can do harm also.I had my ear nose and throat dr tell me if I gor to the Mayo clinic I will get told what I want to be told.

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Hello Chettah
Are you saying that children were served food made with moldy, bug infested flour??? That is scary in and of itself!! makes me want to send lunches with my kids instead of letting them buy their lunches!!!
In reagards to whether it can cause Sarc, I suppose it is a possibility. My mom worked in a bakery for years. Always exposed to flying dust from Flour, etc. She ended up with COPD. Her doc is unsure if she had gotten it from work or the Toxic black mold that I discovered in her roof from a roofing job gone wrong. He links my Sarc to the Black mold as we cannot find any other cause.
Environmental factors are certainly something that can cause Sarc. There is one post on this site where a woman who survived 9/11 has sarc and it is most likely from all the dust and debris floating around from that. Try and find her post if you can. She had mentioned that the CDC was questioning how many people who were there now have Sarc.
It does make sense.
This is also why they do not recommend baby powder on babies much any more unless you put it on your hand and rub it in. In the past, people would shake the powder onto the baby and big clouds of powder dust would get inhaled by baby and parent!!! Potential to cause lung damage!!!!
Hope this helps some!
Be Well

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I don't know if this is going to make any sense, but let me toss out some thoughts. Not only do I have sarcoid, but I have food allergies. One of them being wheat. Could you be allergic to wheat?....had it in your lungs from breathing all the flour in and your body attacked trying to protect you from this, leaving behind the granulomas?

I saw a sarcoid pulmonary specialist in Philadelphia that swears sarcoid is caused by talc allergy. He told me to stay away from all talc. I had alot of talc around me in a previous job. He thinks the particles were in my lungs, and I became allergic to them. Body attacking with the white blood cells, leaving behind the granulomas. Other doctors shoot down his theories, but he thinks he sees particulate matter within the granulomas on my biopsy slides.

I don't know if it helps AT ALL, but I tuck it away as one theory among many while we all figure this out.

All the best.

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Hi Bloninett

That is an interesting article about inhaled particles. I would also issue the doctors warning on not becoming too compulsive about dirt and dust. I am an Asthmatic and dust has always been a trigger for a wheeze, sometimes I dust with a face mask, if I haven't been particularly rigid in my dusting for a while or when I am clearing a bad dusty area. However , what I find most interesting is the inhaled particles or foriegn bodies on the lungs, as an asthmatic with Pulm Sarc, and a question to anyone else here, who is an asthmatic taking inhalers and who became a sarc sufferer; Have you ever rushed to your inhaler without taking the time to check if the mouth piece is free from particles, could be dust, could be a piece of lint or a tiny piece of paper, ( happened to me) and just inhaled the offending object by mistake? Well that has happened to me, on more than one occaision and I have almost choked but also on maybe two occasions the particle did not come back up, did it settle in my lung and cause a reaction and then a granuloma? I find it interesting that many people with Sarc have Asthma, could it be that we are rapidly inhaling a lot more dust than most?

Just a thought.

About the flour thing - I am being tested for a gluten intolerence at the moment and believe me flour does go off very quickly. I have thrown bags of flour out over the years because of that stringy bacteria it gets in when it is left forgotten in the cupboard. Moths seem to live in it too, yuck!

Be well

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