constant burping..can't eat certain foods

My husband has been on Nexium for over 10 years and most recently has been trying Prilosec due to the cost Nexium. He has constant painful burping after every meal and thru-out the day. He has a very limited amount of items he can now eat. He has not been able to eat salads, peppers, onions, sausage. almost every vegtable and anything with alot of spices. He used to love salads, all kinds of veggies. my sausage gravy and much more. We've tried all different methods that we hoped would help so he could eat more then just basic meat and rice and potatoes. If he misses the Nexium/Prilosec he gets the bad "burn" otherwise it is just painful burping. He did have a scope to biopsy lumps at the bottom of his esphogus and they were "negative" 5 years ago, his flap is fine and they just can't explain why he has such bad heartburn and burping. We found a new Doctor in the Michigan area that is doing more tests so I hope we find out what is going on or if he has to continue to suffer. Does anyone else have these syptoms and are they sarcoid related? THANKS

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I never had problems until I went on prednisone, then I started to get alot of acid reflux. Yes, I have managed to get about every side effect of the drug...but it is what it is....I take Prilosec as well due to costs and it works for the most part, but mine is prednsione related....hope you guys find an answer and will be praying......take care, Dawn

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hello, maybe you should ask your doctor about prescription protonix. It has solved all my issues with heartburn since i've been on such high doses of pred since march. i know staying on these heartburn meds too long (more than 6 months) can make things worse because your own body slows down producing the natural acid it needs.... but give it a try. be well. E

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Hi Chris Donna,

I thought I would tell you my personal cure for excessive heartburn. I make no insinuations by sharing this with you.

I stop drinking anything but water. I get off coffee by drinking one cup of regular tea in the morning for two mornings. Then absolutely nothing, but water... period. Now I'll throw out the weird card... I stop drinking bottled water and will only drink water from a glass container.

I eat only eat bland foods for several days. My stomach is usually back to normal within a few days. Once my system is back in balance I start drinking coffee again and can keep up the addiction until things fall apart again.


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Hi Chris and Donna,

I was on Prilosec for yrs and the insurance company started to give me a hard time so my primary changed it over to Nexium. Nexium doesn't even touch any of my issues. I was put back on Prilosec, thank goodness. Maybe same issue? There is not an OTC, Tums, etc that can help me either.
I have never heard of not being on heartburn med for longer then 6 months. I am 44 and have been on them for almost all of 9 yrs now, 2 a day. I use to be able to take short breaks but not now. And I don't think I want to eat like Joe but I have cut out a lot and working on more. It all takes time.
Best of luck

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does your husband still have his gallbladder? One of the biggest symptoms is constanting burping. The definitive test for your gallbladder is a hide a scan. It will cause you to stop eating your favorite foods as well.

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