Chronic left arm pain

I have been experiencing chronic left arm pain, off and on, for three months now. I used to have pretty severe chest pain, but, now it's only occasional heartburn. However, the left arm pain just won't go away. My doc diagnosed me w/costochroditis (sp?) I have had a negative stress test and EKG in August. I still am concerned about my heart, though. Would chronic left arm pain signal a heart attack, even though my stress test was normal?

Thanks So Much for any answers!!

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I too have had left arm and left chest wall pain, some times it gets extremely painful. I was dx: with Chondtritis also by my Pulm. but now he thinks it's more from esophageal spasm. The same nerves innervate the esophagus as the heart and you get the incredible chest pain. It's common I have found through my readings and post that people with Sarc. have left sided chest wall pain. I did have a Cervical fusion ( plate and six screws in my neck from a car accident) and those nerves cause arm pain because they radiate down to the fingers, so it may have something to do with you neck also.

I take Zantac 150 and when I get chest pain I take some mylanta and I have a RX: for Lidicaine Gel or Nitro spray under the tongue for releif.

I had a negative stress echo and several EKG's. I will be seeing my Cardiologist on the 30th with results of my holter monitor I had to wear for six weeks. I plan on asking all the questions I can think of and I'll be glad to pass on anything that I find out.

Make sure you get throughly tested to give yourself peace of mind. I still wonder at times but I've had so many test that I just have to trust at this point until something else changes. It's hard to do but hang in there.


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I have had the pain that radiates down to the fingers on both sides, several times. At first accupuncture worked. Last time it didn't. I actually had some alternative healing from a 'Reconnective Healing' therapist, and by golly, after the 1st session it abated 50% and after the 2nd it went away. A few months later my vision changed and I was able to stop wearing my glasses except for reading. Can't explain that one.

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absbel, What was involved in the Reconnective Healing? Sounds interesting.


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Kderr, Hi!

You can learn about R. Healing @ this link.

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Hi IreneMarie, Thank you for the website info. Have you tried this also? If so, what did you think? I'm always looking for alternative ways to help myself, Some ways have been used for 100's of years and with that knowledge itself it can't hurt to try.

Thanks again, I always appreciate they way you reach out to others, that's very admirable.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Thanks, for the replies. I really appreciate them. Kris, I would love to know what your cardiologist says on the 30th. I agree. I have had so many MRIs, CTs, EKGs, and two stress tests. I need to trust that information, but, the nagging left arm pain does make me worry. You mentioned esophageal problems. I had an endoscopy at the end of August and was diagnosed w/moderate esophagitis and gastritis. I am not overweight and I eat healthy, but, was taking a lot of ibuprofen, b/c of a recent surgery. I am on Protonix twice a day. So, spasms could be an issue, but, my chest pain is so much better now. I just have occasional heartburn. I hope you are feeling better soon. Keep me posted!!



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Hi Kderr,

I have been that route in my youth. Experience tells me to avoid red flags now. My guess is that if it is so successful it would be very well known by now. To me it is permeated with New Age mysticism recently invented (just my opinion). Beware the Pearls and Depac Chandras looking to make a big quick buck off people who are desperate. Probably a good hypnotist can do the same for less $.

Guess it's all in the mind of the beholder. That's why for some placebos will work for a while (and that's better than the drugs we take).


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