burning pain

I to have a lot of burning but it is in my upper torso and back it is so painful I can't even allow a blanket to lay on me unless its very very light. these discussions i read has helped me so much I thought I was the only one

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Too little info from you to really respond, but you might want to ask your doctor about gabapentin for nerve pain (used a lot for shingles, and effective). I have a band of sensitivity around my torso that started as a burning pain, now is less specific. I cannot tolerate heavy stitching in clothing, so wear a protective layer of soft, almost seamless fabric at this area. Also use a polyester fleece blanket for good warmth to weight ratio.

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have a band across my upper torso also my back skin feels so painfull and can't wear any clothes that stick or wears heavy can't sit in recliner hurts to much. Have problem with bed we bought a sleep number and it helps some but still have band and up most of nite with skin burning and pain can't lay my arm on my side I have a lot of health problems chs diabetes high bp pulmiary lung and now the icing this. I am grateful for you guys it helps to have some one to talk to cause husband and others don't understand

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What you describe is a symptom many with dx of neurosarc experience. Not life-threatening itself, but may indicate other, more hidden, neuro symptoms. And the pain disrupts sleep, which is bad for health in general. I found considerable relief with gabapentin Rx, and also with topical application of castor oil--soothed burning and allows me to lie on my back for short periods. Have shingles been ruled out? I have no marks on my skin where this burning sensation is.

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I got that last year. It would be numb one day then feel like a bad sunburn on the skin others. Mine started after I took vit D. I think mine could have been hypervitamintosis from too much vitD1,25 in my system. I have other very deep burning pains in my legs, hips and some low back. The only over the counter med that has ever even came close to touching my pain is dephinhydramine, or benadryl. I think it calms down the nervous system which helps ease the pains some. Cymbalta and Lyrica did help while it was in my system, but the second the drug left my body, the pain would be worse than before I took it. Good luck

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Thanks i am on lyrica and that helps a very small amount ,it realy helps to see this site and talk to people who no I'm not just making this up or that know what I'm going through.I also use joaboa oil for my back and that helps with skin pain a lttle while thanks guys

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yes shingles ruled out sleep hmmmm whats that lol i don't know when the last time I slept all nite at least a yr or more.Since i'm 60, docs around here figure your dying anyway so why mess with you so they don't.thanks for your feedback I appreciate it.

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katmeup, Jojoba oil is very good (castor oil is a lot cheaper!), and Lyrica is even more potent than gabapentin (also, very expensive). Sounds as if you are doing what you can to treat it--I know doctors don't know what to make of this sort of complaint. I also found relief soaking in a bath with baking soda just before lying down--took the burning away until I got to sleep. Now I live alone and cannot safely do a bath with paralysis. Have tried soaking microfiber towels (the "super dryer" type) with baking soda solution and it did help, but is messy!

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I'm sorry you are paralyzed and no help to boot? do you not have siblings or parents? sometimes drinks and food will cause more pain. have you tried massage or whirlpool bath or tub? that has helped me some.

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