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Has anyone ever developed bumps on their index finger? About 2 months ago I noticed a bump on my left index finger. I went to a hand doctor and he first injected it with cordisone to see if it would go away. The bump is in the inside of my first knuckle and painful. The shot didn't work at all so we decided to remove it and do a biopsy. The biopsy came back a Ganglion Cyst and not Sarcoidosis which that's what I thought it was. So about 1 month later 2 more bumps appeared on the same finger but different areas. I went to the hand doc yesterday and he said it probably isn't the Ganglion Cyst because he has never seen Cyst come back like that in a month so he said to go talk to my Rummy and see what he suggest. I have been off prednisone since Feb of this year and I'm weaning off Methotrexate now down to 7.5mg a week. I just would like anyone's thoughts one this to what you think it could be. I'm wondering if it my Sarcoid flaring up again?

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I have sarc in the joint next to the hand of one finger and cortisone shots have decreased the size but not eliminated the lumps -perhaps had the shots been closer together, they could have been eliminated I don't know.

I have also had ganglion cysts in the wrist of the same hand removed by operation, evacuation and flat out falling down and having it break. It always returned in the same place but took longer than a couple of months.

Yours having appeared in different places on the same finger makes me think it is not a ganglion. That and the speed with which they appeared after your surgery.

The sarc lumps I have seem to take longer to form than your lumps did. Although, I suppose it could be that they were already started and just increased over the couple of months that they seem to have appeared... That said, I have skin sarc and none of my lumps have appeared that quickly.

Of course, I can't answer as to whether you're having a flare or not.

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Yes I have them on several knuckles. Diagnosed at CC as sarc arthritis. Apparently, this is a classic manifestation of bone sarc. My hands are painful and weak as a result. On second month of MTX.

Good Luck

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@Serr8ted-How did they diagnose you with sarc arthritis?

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I have bumps on my wrists. Just got x-rays done yesterday. I have been having a very deep achy pain in my hands for the past 3 weeks or so.

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Dr. Parambil took a look at my fingers and yes this sarc in the bones given that I already had biopsy proven sarc. Could take X-rays to look for the lacy lytic patterns, but no need due to the appearance. These bumps came up about overnight along with extreme fatigue.

Do a search on sarc in finger bones and you'll find that this is the most typical presentation of osseous sarc.

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