bloating and frequent urination

Does anyone have problems with bloating and having to pee a lot? I don't have this all the time, but today I've noticed a full feeling around my ribs and the need to urinate often. No pain, just frequency.

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Are you on Prednisone? If so, that can cause both bloating and frequent urination. No one talks about this, but you could be constipated and going only small amounts but not enough to empty. Something like Miralax, Benefiber, adding fiber to your diet or Senokot can help. The full colon can cause bloating and pressure on your bladder. BUT please watch for signs of a urinary tract infection...continued frequency, pain, burning and see a doctor if you have those symptoms. This may or may not be sarc related.

Good luck,

Carol, RN

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Hi : I do also some days you feel like you pee every half hour. Not great when you are out or at work. I am sure I know all the great places to pee on all the routes I take and all the shopping places. People laugh when I drive to the Doc. it would take them three hours me usually four because of all the needed stops. I laugh you drink all the coffee and do not worry I will pee for you. Laughing aside it it not fun. Have you ruled out infection in the bladder or kidneys, or cold in them. There is an other option diabetes and sugar is not right on those days. Sure hope it is something as simple as your body holding water because of salty food or something not to bad but please get checked. Take care, best of luck.

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Thank you for your replies. I am on prednisone, but only 10mg. every other day. I will go in if it continues. Thanks!!

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I have the same thing.. Glad I am not the only one. On 40 mg pred...

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Good point, Suzzie, about the blood sugar. That is something that needs to be watched while on Pred. and frequent urination is one of the first signs.


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I suffer from the same , not on Pred though , cant go long without the need to pee , seeing the PCP tommorow about this and other things !

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can uti's be sarc related? I have had 2 recently but because i've had reoccurring uti's since my last baby 6 years ago i thought it was just that. although we had gotten those under control and these have both been in a 4 wk time.

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