Belly Fat from Prednisone

I was on prednisone for 8 months for pulmonary sarcoidosis. It has been 7 months since my last dose and I have been struggling to lose the extra belly fat that appeared because of this drug. What can I do? Is it possible with diet and exercise?

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Oh I know what you mean about that terrible Pred belly fat. As a general rule for my body my stomach is last place I gain weight & let me tell you while being on steroids it has really popped! You know those commercials for Cortisol blocking drugs/pills that can be taken to help loose belly fat weight...well that's what we need. Pred is type of cortisol & causes us to gain that kind of belly fat. So once we're off it, it makes sense that taking something that blocks it would help us get rid of it. That's my logic on the matter. Of course eating a diet high in complex carbs (vegs & fruit) & low in simple carbs (sugar, pasta, bread, potatoes, rice) & low in fat (no trans fats) and exercising will only speed up the process for us. Don't laugh..but I have that "Ab Lounger" & I can't believe how wonderfully & quickly that thing works. I bought it b/c sit-ups hurt my back/neck. It allows me to do them & not hurt myself & really works (you can get them fairly cheep now-$100). Those are just some of my suggestions-hope it helps. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! You go girl! - Jayne

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Wow I had the same question about belly Fat, I've gained 35 to 40Lb on this Prednisone Diet Plan I'm On.

With Degenerative Disc Disease in my Back and a knee that needs replacing and all that fun extras that some with Sarciod, What can we do to get the belly fat off?
I suppose I could watch what I Eat more,

but that one thing I still Can do.

Here I going argue with myself again.

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Fat cells can be flushed by drinking LOTS of water. although I drank diet soda for 30 yrs I had trouble losing weight.The carbonation in soda actually causes fat cells to cinch and hold in the sludge rather than releasing it, allowing them to expand. You want them to shrink~ I hated drinking water, but after attending a diet clinic I decided to give it a try. At first a 20oz bottle a day was all I could stomach, but then I built up to 2 and then 3,slow sipping during the course of the day. i missed the carbonation of soda, but continued with the water. It takes women up to 6 weeks to reach ketosis and start showing weight loss. I gradually built up to 1 gallon a day of water and began to modify my eating habits. Instead of dieting, I added filler foods to my meals that had less calories and fats. Green beans are amazing~ never cared for them, but you can add them to many things and lose the taste, but I actually grew to like them.They are low in calories and low in carbs so they work with any diet. They are high in fiber too~ So anyway, I worked my water up to 2 gallons a day - that took me a few months as initially I was spending too much time running to the bathroom, but as the sludge in you fat cells flushes, you begin to be able to hold water longer. Your joints too will ache less once you get used to drinking alot of water. In less than a year I lost 130 lbs~
While I didnt actually diet, I did cut back on bread, eating open sandwich with whatever but using 1 pc instead of 2. I ate at least one whole can of green beans a day - thats alot of green beans~ Adding it to tomatoe sauces, or soups or salads, or with that 'I cant believe its butter spray' and a little ground red pepper & onion powder, gave it some zest and became satisfying to eat. It was simple and doable. The dietician made a good point in the consults - that there are no 'bad' foods, just portion control is needed, so by adding green beans to the total daily consumption, it ws that much less of the higher calories I might have consumed other wise.
Also Chromium 200mcg GTF [glucose tolerance factor] and Niacin100mg [the kind that flushes] both help ALOT.
Niacin initially may give you a hot flash or sunburn feeling and even make you itch for 20-30 minutes. It causes a reaction with fat cells, opening them to release fatty sludge and the chromium helps stimulate your pancreas to digest foods, so the combination will help flush the fat from your belly.
Some women in the group study lost a pound a day with it. It only works on fat- so if you get really red faced and itchy, it is that catalytic reaction to the friction of the cells releasing the sludge and will produce a hot feeling. Best to take it when you are going to lay down. Now as you lose the fat, you will only go to a certain level and wont feel the flush or heat anymore. Reaching that level may take a few weeks, but then it is easier to take the pills and can be taken any time of day, but night is the best time to take them before sleep.
Maintaining the lost weight by taking them with your regular vitamins will help too, but its up to you once you reach your target weight, if you dont want to continue them.
Money wise they are cheap - a 3 month supply costs about $6 for the chromium and about $2 for a 3 month supply of the Niacin.
They sell an nonflushing version of Niacin, but that would defeat the purpose - you want the burn reaction as that is what will get the fat out.


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I feel so sorry for anyone who has gained belly fat while taking prenisone. Yes, it is possible to lose the fat. If you are well enough, and there are many sarkies who can't exercise, but if you can, please get out there and do what you can. You also need to change to a healthy eating program, which was very difficult while pred had control of your appetiite. A healthy eating program will also help with symptoms of sarcoidosis. Do not try to save calories by using artificial sweeteners as these are toxic to sarkies and they actually increase sugar cravings. You need to reduce your fat and sugar intake, eat plenty of fresh vegetables - all colors and two pieces of fresh fruit daily. At first limit fruit because of sugar content, but you may want to increase the fruit later. Reducing your sugar intake will also help reduce sarc symptoms because sugar encourages insulin production, which in turn increases inflammation. Please be careful with portion control, as you may have been eating larger portions because of prednisone. Remember sarkies need to avoid preservatives, commercial stocks, processed foods, flavor enhancers, too much salt and bad fats - all these increase your symptoms. Sounds tough? It probably is at first, but you do get used to it and when you start to look and feel better, it will get even easier.
Good luck!

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Wow and thank you ! many of these things I have been doing for myself.The Chromium.and Niacin I will get in the morning. Krissy you and I are on the same page. For me it is easy. Fresh veggies only. olive oil for cooking. never deep fry anything. oven fry.use corn flakes,and or corm meal for the crisp covering.By the way a box of corn flakes is much cheaper than the corn flakes seasoned. All you need to do is crush and place your seasoning in and them place it on your chicken and into the oven.yummm Use an egg wash first to hold the crumbs on the chicken. I have always used sugar and sometimes it is too sweet so i use less.Herbs,are used so I have cut down on the salt intake and my legs no longer swell. Plus as always lemon or lime. One of them a day has kept my doctor's away. I have with ice tea or hot tea. all the best!

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I am possessed by cookies. all I want are pepsi and cookies. Put on 30 lbs since 11/09. how do you stop the sugar cravings? plus I am a gastric bypass patient so, sugar is my enemy ! i feel like I have a demon inside. i wake up to eat, i dream about food.

what the hell do I do? Melissa

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i'm 17 and on prednisone again in my life. i was diagnosed with jra when i was 11 and put on prednisone when i was 12. i was on 10 15 every other day and truthfully it was a miracle worker but i did gain a lot of weight because i didn't know what its side effects was i sincerely didn't even care. because of it i don't have my period till this point and haven't been able to lose all the weight. i'm back on it from just getting worse from other medicine that's wasn't working fully and i can see i'm gaining weight again. i would like to see if anyone could recommend any good diets because im really lost in that department and exercise like walking and running are good right? please help me junior prom is coming veryy soon pleassee

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oh tell em about it i was put on it in 2001 for bird fanciers lung i gain 56ib i was on 30 mg day for 2 years and have been on and off since. when diagnosed with sarc they put me on a month's worth and i told them no way was i going on it any longer. i have tried over the years to loose the belly to no avail. i dont eat fried food to much sugar and have even been on the lighter life diet and only ever manage to loose 1st so good luck to anybody trying.

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