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After going to the doctor in SC back in July, I have been doing a lot of research on Bells Palsy episodes. I had a Bells Palsy in 2005. When I went to the doctor in SC, I for some reason mentioned this when he asked about any other weird things that had happened to me. When I told him about the Bells Palsy, his eyes got big and it solidified his diagnosis of Lofgren's Syndrome Sarcoidosis. A few have asked me about this and I just wanted to post something else that I found...

Older people are more likely to be afflicted, but children are not immune to it. Children tend to recover well. Diabetics are more than 4 times more likely to develop Bells palsy than the general population. The last trimester of pregnancy is considered to be a time of increased risk for Bell's palsy. Conditions that compromise the immune system such as HIV or sarcoidosis increase the odds of facial paralysis occurring and recurring.

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