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I have been diagnosed with sarcoidoses back in 2000. I retired from the Air Force in 2001 with a 10% disability rating. I filed for a VA disability increase in 2008 and my rating went to 30%. In 2010 I started having vision problems. At first I thought it was my glasses prescription. I got an eye exam and was given a new eye ware prescription. My problem is: I cannot see with my new glasses on half the time. My eyes hurt most of the time while wearing my glasses. My vision is blurred, and it is hard for me to read and focus. I still suffer night sweats, shortness of breath and occasional joint pains. I am 51 years old and I work with computers for a living. Due to the lack of my work ability and aging symptoms I filed a new claim for an increase on my VA disability. Does any Military Veteran know what I am up against? Any pointers to assure my favorable board decision? Please help....

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Is your sarc still active or are they telling you its in remission.

There are a number of co-morbid disorders that come with sarc. these may get worse even if your sarc is in remission.
remission DOES not mean you are cured it just means that you are not getting new granulomas and the old one are fading.
there is still likely a lot going on and the damage will still be there.

"My eyes hurt most of the time while wearing my glasses. My vision is blurred, and it is hard for me to read and focus."
do you have very dry eyes. you may also have Sjögren’s Syndrome.

Many autoimmune disorders come in clusters get one and you have a good chance of having others.

You need to request the VA send you to a sarc specialist AND a autoimmune disease specialist(likely you will be sent to a rheumatologist)
The more DXs you have related to sarc (co-morbid disorders) the better for your claim.

One you will find most doctors will tell you its unrelated to the sarc and that is because they know little about sarc.

Here is a very good site for question about VA claims

US navy Vietnam veteran

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Thank you "US Navy Vietnam Veteran"... I truly appreciate your reply and advice.... I checked out the link and it is full of helpful info for me.... Thank you again

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I know what you are up against. It depends on which system you are in. The Boston system will not send me to a specialist. They can just refuse to look at my labs, and refuse to listen to my ailments. I don't have serious eye issues, though. A specialist is paramount and waiting on VA to send you may make matters worse for you. In terms of illness and certainly stress. It is a benefit only if they are helping. That benefit has taken a lot of my health from me. I am doing a lot of alternative care. It gives me some hope because I see actual improvements.
The Jewish hospital in Denver says they see veterans all the time, and, of course they have sarcoidosis specialists.1-800-222-5864
Some clinics have told me their doctors will consult with my doctors. Just a thought if you have open minded doctors.
Good Luck,
fellow vet

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As far as board decisions, that too depends on where you file. Utah seemed to deny everybody nearly everything. Same records six months later in KY, went from 30 to 80. Same issues.
Again, good luck.

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Hello Intarsia!!! Thank you sooo much for your reply and Great advice... I am new to this web site and I am glad that found it. I can now communicate with others dealing with Sarcoidosis... I recently relocated to Virginia and I filed for an increase on 25 May 2011. I sure hope they don't give me the run-around... Thank you again!!!


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Unfortunately, the "run around" is the one thing they've nailed. Let me know how you like Virginia VA.

If you haven't gone gluten free, most see an improvement. I am starting to do gall bladder/ liver cleanses, to see if that helps. Once I get it cleared of the stones, and sludge, the supplements like cucurmin, serrapeptase, etc. may be more effective. About four years ago, the doctors had me so flustered I started doing the opposite of what they told me to do. I started seeing real improvements. I doubt that I can cure myself, but, can't wait to see what I can accomplish, based on what I've already done.


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Virginia is a huge change from Las Vegas. My fiancee is from here and I like VA a lot.

Thank you for the tips... I will have to look into going "gluten free" I never thought of it before. My doctor started me off on steroids and I told him several times that they made my fat and sick... I finally took myself off of them.

Question?? I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in my 19th year of service from a simple skin draft from my leg. Up until that day my hospital records were very thin... Now I am on High Blood Pressure Meds. I have to pay a co-pay for my meds because I had no history of having High Blood Pressure in my medical history. IS There any military service connection with Sarcodosis and High Blood Pressure?? Please advise....


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