Back Pain & Facet Nerve Cauterization

As a result of severe back pain (a side effect of pred. treatment, inactivity with the fatigue of sarcoidosis and weight gain, plus wear and tear) my pain management doctor tested my facet joints with injections. The next step is nerve ending cauterization. Has anyone had that done? I am getting stronger through aquatic physical therapy, but the pain is as severe as ever or even worse. My pain meds can't keep up. I use them sparingly because I don't want to be addicted or need larger and larger doses. The migraines I have are rebound already due to needed meds for the back pain. As a side note, what kind of mattresses do "y'all" find best?
Thanks in advance for any response.

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Hi there. I've had this done a couple of times. I had two majorly herniated discs (and ended up having a fusion operation, well before my sarcoidosis diagnosis), but I found this procedure to be more effective than the epidural, facet, transforaminal and many other injections I had. As far as getting a needle stuck in your back, this is the most effective of all the other procedures I've had done. it lasted about three months or so, as I recall. But it was well worth the effort. And it's not too painful either. It feels a little weird, but I always experienced considerable pain when getting an injection, from the added pressure to the area and resulting nerve squishing (that's the medical term... ;) and the facet rhizotomy (the 'cauterization') was less painful than the injections by far.

On the other hand, the procedure was performed on me for leg pain, not back pain. I don't know how effective it is for back pain alone, without leg pain. For me, I had back pain, but it wasn't nearly as severe as the leg pain from the compressed nerve. You may want to ask your doctor about the effectiveness of this procedure for back pain, rather than leg pain and see what he or she has to say about that.

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As a matter of fact I do have leg pain on the right side. Until recently I associated it with my bad knee causing poor alignment and balance. It is in my hip and thigh mostly and keeps me from being able to walk much. It would be wonderful to lose that aching!
Thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

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