Hi I just had my second sleep apnea study in 6 years. The first showed I had sleep apnea but the C-PAP machine did not help at all.
Yesterday I had another study. I was much worse than before. This time however, the technician told me I would need a Bilevel positive airway pressure (bilevel PAP) machine. Where a C-PAP gives continual air pressure the B-PAP gives intermittent pressure depending upon one's breathing.
Has anyone used a B-PAP machine? How well did it work?

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Hi I have to use that machine and I think that it works well for myself I still don't sleep well but when I do sleep it is quality sleep I don't just fall a sleep at any time any more. Best of luck to you. John

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Thanks John. They gave me a sleeping pill in the sleep lab the first I had ever taken. It was the best I have ever slept! So even if the B-PAP helps where the C-PAP didn't I expect to still have the other sleep problems I have like you. But the fact that you were helped is encouraging.

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good luck with your BiPap, I don't qualify for one, still on the cpap. I don't sleep well at all so I'll see what happens when I have to have another sleep study. I haven't found an over the counter sleep aid that works would love to find one.

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I had a c-pap for 4-5 years. I just had another sleep study and now I have a bi-pap. I love it. It was easier for me to breathe from the first night I used it.

I have cardiac sarc so I was having problems with waking up gasping for breath with my c-pap on. These episodes are less frequent with the bi-pap.

I hope you get your bi-pap and it helps you.


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I have been on a Bi-pap machine for several years now. Since I am one those who can't sleep with my mouth closed. It works well for me.

Good luck with the Bi-Pap


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"I have been on a Bi-pap machine for several years now. Since I am one those who can't sleep with my mouth closed. It works well for me.

Good luck with the Bi-Pap"

Me too. The lab tech put a regular nose mask on me and I laughed. I told had told him it wouldn't work but he had to try. He put it on an told me to breathe. When he saw it was virtually impossible for me to do so he was amazed. I told him I had had a biopsy in my nose and there were sarc cells. The swelling keeps me being a mouth breather most of the time and all the time I am lying down.
The trouble is, this requires a full face mask to cover my mouth and those are hard to fit. But the Bi-Pap is worth a try and I am willing. I am still waiting for the doc or whomever to call be to come back for a machine and mask.

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I just got a call from the sleep lab. They told me I could come in for a Bi-Pap machine June 17. They apologized for the long wait but that's how long it would take,

I so hope it will work. Thank you for all of your input.

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