Has anybody tried Ayurvedic treatment for Sarcoid and benefited from it?

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If I could find an Ayurvedic pratctioner I would. I have been using an Ayurvedic herbal formula for high BP for years and it works great.

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I have and its working for me!

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Monae, would you mind sharing your experince with your use of Ayurvedic treatment? I am searching for all I can find on it.


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Hi Minerva I've put down my experience so far on a thread called Ayurveda.Just run a search in topics .

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No Ayurvedic medicine has ever been found to be better than a placebo. Worse, many Ayurevedic medicines have lead, mercury and other toxic heavy metals in them.

"In 2003, a survey of Ayurvedic herbal products manufactured in South Asia and sold in Boston-area stores found that 14 of 70 products (20%) contained concentrations of lead, mercury, and/or arsenic that—if the products were taken according to directions—would exceed published regulatory standards. The authors also noted that ayurvedic theory attributes important therapeutic roles to mercury and lead and that perhaps 35-40% of medicines in the Ayurvedic formulary contain at least one metal. The authors concluded that users of Ayurvedic medicine may be at risk for heavy metal toxicity, and testing of Ayurvedic HMPs for toxic heavy metals should be mandatory. Several studies done in other countries have had similar findings. [Saper S and others. Heavy metal content of ayurvedic herbal medicine products. JAMA 292:2868-2873, 2004] Because Ayurvedic medicine relies on nonsensical diagnostic concepts and involves many unproven products, using it would be senseless even if all of the products were safe."

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I am sorry to say that you need to do more research into ayurveda first and then reach any conclusion at all.

Poisons are used in Ayurveda in very limited medicines and to treat certain illnesses.It is the same in allopathy.The number of patients dying due to self medication or from trying to lose weight or other dubious uses cannot be blamed on a system of medicine.

If you run across the stats on people dying from ayurveda(including the category mentioned above) it is way smaller than the number of people dying of allopathic medicines and treatment.

The medication you and I are on ,including pred , mtx etc are nothing short of poison in themselves.Other medicines including the vaccines we take are too.If you were to run a search on how many people have died of allopathy you would be shocked.

Please do not put information that is derogatory and even lies out there.

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In fact toxicology is a separate stream in modern medicine. An example is ...snake venom is used to make the antidote for snake bites.This SAVES LIVES.In cancer almost all treatments are one form of poison or another.

I understand that westerners do not understand some eastern concepts,but it may be worth your while as a fellow sufferer of sarcoidosis to explore them more in depth before drawing any conclusions.I say this as a person who has put faith in modern medicine for the past 13 years.That was 'legitimate' treatment was'nt it?It should have done better than the so called 'placebo' then,why did it not?

Any form of medicine is dangerous when handled by quacks or by means of self medication.It is therefore essential to go to a DOCTOR of ayurveda and not to a glorified spa or panchkarma center.

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"No Ayurvedic medicine has ever been found to be better than a placebo. Worse, many Ayurevedic medicines have lead, mercury and other toxic heavy metals in them."

One article does not a proven fact make.

Well I beg to differ. It has been working for me for blood pressure for ten years. I can maintain a good level, I have never had
any side effects (as I did with traditional BP meds) and most importantly I am not poisioned or otherwise dead at this time.

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Hello Minerva,

You mention using Ayurvedic medicine for HBP.

Can you please give some info? (I too have HBP so I'm interested)

What's the medicine, where can we get it, how it works (if it's known), how long have you been using it.

Did you start it before or after your sarcoidosis started and did it have any effect - positive or negative - on sarc?


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Hi Nava.

The Ayurvedic herbs I use is a mixture called Mukta Vati. I started using it a little after I was diagnosed with Sarcoid but at the time the Sarcoid was in remission. I think my high BP was brought on by my having previously taken good old Prednisone since prior to that it was always on the low side.

It doesn't seem to have any effect on my Sarcoid although I have been told it also can help the lungs for some people.

I order it off the Internet. At first the distributor was in England and it was expensive and took a long time to recieve. But now I order it from a place in Park Ridge Illinois and it is less expensive. I recieve it in a matter of days. Their website is called Herbstohealyou.

One of the things I like about this is that you can take as many or as little as needed depending upon your requirements. It isn't one size fits all. I find I need more when I am on Prednisone and my BP rises and less when I am not on Pred and my BP is only a little more than it should be.

I use a little battery operated blood pressure device to measure my BP so I know what my BP is on any given day. I like having that control. None of my doctors have ever disputed the effectiveness of Mukta Vati since my readings are always good. I have been using it for about ten years.

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Dear biodesium - That site that you mention is in itself a bogus site. He says that anyone who is healed by alternatives has really just been misdiagnosed - he only wants to bash every alternative therapy going. If you read his posts, you will see this. they are full of blatent lies.

If you want to find healing for sarcoidosis, I'd recommend staying away from his site. He offers criticism but no help for anything. He is downright depressing!

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Arsenic can lower blood pressure, but that doesn't mean it's beneficial to health.

If you want to throw away money on placebo treatments, stick to something less toxic than Ayurvedic nostrums.

Better yet, if you want to use a supplement, use something with an actual track record like curcumin, alpha lipoic acid, or fish oil.

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Well Bio, we are all entitled to our opinions. I realize the results I have gotten from Mukta Vati is anecdotal but until you can show me the actual scientific evidence that what I have been using for the past ten years doesn't work, is harmful or contains arsenic, I will keep my Mukta Vati. In fact, I may seek out a lab to have it anaylzed to see if there are any ingredients other than those on the label.

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