anybody else injecting methotrexate and it is working for you?

i was wondering how many people are injecting methotrexate and it is working and for how long. even if you are taking the pill form i would still be interested in know if it worked for you too. i have been taking it for two months now and it is really working for me. but what i am really worried about is what will happen when i am taken off of it. will it come back. how common is that to happen? my side effect with metho is losing my hair. but its more under control since i am on 2mgs of folic acid. if you inject it how much weekly do you take? i take .06 cc a week. thanks any info on this will be appreciated! shari

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Hi Shari,

I have been taking Metho for a year now. I was on as high of dose of 25mg weekly but I was loosing so much hair that my Dr. took me off of it back in Oct. All of my symptoms came back big time so since I declined Remicade I went back on the Metho. Started out on lower dose of 12.5mg, but this time it didn't seem to help any of my problems(pain all over, faitgue, weakness.) The only thing it did help was the red spots on my thighs. So I have slowly been increasing the dose to 20mg. and I also take 10mg of Prednisone daily and 300mg of Lyrica daily. Since the Metho doesn't seem to be doing the job, I may start taking Hurima with the Metho and get off of the Prednisone. I think I have been on it to long and my body is rejecting it. But I will say I feel better on the drug than I do when I'm off of it! I hope you see some great benefits from it. Take care, TeresaK

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Hi Shari,
I have been on the pill form of metho I started at 7.5 and they have moved me up to 15 but they are taking me off the prednisone to me the metho hasn't done anything for me yet but I have not seen any side effect either but they just increased me to the 15 so I will have to see what happen best of luck to you. Thanks John

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I just started taking the pill form of metho, only been on it for 2 weeks (7.5mg) so I don't really feel a difference. I am also on folic acid and 4 mg of prednisone.

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thank you for everyones response so far. its be helpful but i could use more input on other people too especially ones who inject methotrexate like me. nobody has said they inject it and i am and have been feeling like i am the only one out there who does! help! shari

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I am on methatrexate and have been for about four months - started off at 10mg now 15mg (woowoo - six pills every saturday!!!)

I do not think they are really helping - I am also on plaquenil, antibiotics (for about 8 months) and folic acid. My hair is falling out too.

My doc said if I had trouble tolerating the pill form of the methatrexate then I may have to go to the injection form. I have had some stomach trouble (throwing up) so I am going to ask for the injections.

Although the sarc has caused me to have stomach issues in the past (throwing up) - so I do not know if it is the sarc or the methatrexate making me sick.

Here is my concern, I do not seem to be getting better after four months.

I was on Pred initially from my GP (80mg) day until I got into the rheumy ( rheumy who finally after 10 years of seeing docs) gave me my sarc dx. My rheumy said no way to the pred as it is too dagereous for diabetes and osteo.......

Keep Smiling......


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I have had three flair ups in the last six years.I started on predisone and after wanting to kill my family and thirty pounds in a month and half my Dr.told me to try Metho,I started on the pills and they burned my stomach and she suggested the injections I started out with .02 cc and have very little side effects My husband gives it to me on Fri. nights before I go to bed so I sleep though the worst part.My symptoms and my breathing was not getting better so she upped my dossage to .07 cc My main problem is fatigue I still work 40 plus hours a week .Out of all I have tried it works the best for me......

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Hi, I just started injecting .03 cc a week. I had tried the pill form 2 different times, but had nausea so my doc suggested the injectable. Lots of fatigue. I hate to say it but I don't have a lot of faith in it, I've run the gamot of all the different drugs they give for sarc with no success. My problem has become that I am having too many lithotrypsies for the kidney stones that the docs are worried about my kidneys. I thought I'd try the metho again because I spoke with someone who had to have her kidney removed from too many litho's and that's the last thing I need so if the metho might help, we'll see.

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I am on methotrexate injections, 1.2 cc per week. I also take 1 mg of folic acid daily.

My hair is thining but my biggest problems is sores. I get them on my scalp, around my nose and in the corner of my mouth. They never ever permanently heal. They will scab up but never go away for good. I am still on 4mgs of Prednisone daily also. I have noticed some improvement of my symptoms since being on Methotrexate.

I hope this information helps.

God bless you, keep you and heal us all.


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I think the methotrexate has really helped me. My hair ois falling out, long blonde gobs every where. I feel like I am shedding. too bad I cant shed the weight gain from the prednisone!

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Hi, shari
I inject Methotrexate. I have been doing this for almost 2 years now. I have to say that doing this is much better than taking the pills. Much less side effects. I am 6 CC per week. I take my shot on Friday nights. If I have any side effects it occurs on Sunday. With doing the injections the only side effects I have had is loss of appetite and diarrhea.
When I was on the pill form I was sick all the time. 24/7.
I do feel that it is working for me. I still have my bad days but, much better than I was when I was first dx.
I have only been off of the methotrexate once since I started and that was in April of this year. I had surgery on my sinus. I got very sick when I came off of it. The doctors warned me to be careful around people who were sick and I didnt listen. So, if you do come off of it, stay away from sick people. The person I was around only had a cold and I almost ended up in the hospital.

take care and let me know how you are doing.


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one day i was combing my hair and my comb caught in my scalp. upon inspection, i have two holes in my head, one the size of a silver dollar and round, the other a straight line like a cut, about two inches long.
i also have places on my face, nose, chin, shoulders, and other places.

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I am on metro pills, 6 per week and 20 mgs of prednisone. I just started about 6 weeks ago so I dont know the effects of it just yet. However, I did take them about 3 years ago for about a year and I had the best lung xray ever during that time. I had to get off of them because my liver test started to come back abnormal consistently. My hair is shedding but I don't know if it's from the metro or normal shedding from my hair color.

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whats lithos?

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i have sores on my scalp,alot,and they grow fast,like in 1 day,i picked one off,not knowing what it was at 1st,thought it was a pimple,not! i hate them, i feel like i obsess over them.

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the highest i have seen on this discussion for injecting methotraxate is 1.2 cc. im on .06 cc a week. is there anybody else who injects more? boy is this medication vary alot or what?

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Sasha, lithotrypsies, zapping kidney stones.

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oh ok,ty

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My sister-in-law had two friends that ended up with kidney failure because of metho so be careful.

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Hi Sherry:
I started out with the pill form (15 or 20 mg/week - I can't remember) and switched to injection (0.8 cc/week) in Novemer or December - again, can't remember. The main side effect seems to be I can't remember anything. :) It works very well on my skin and my eyes. It works ok for my joints and my lungs. I find if I drink a full water bottle before my injection, and another after, I don't get too sick.

My doc does blood work every two months to make sure my liver and kidneys are fine. I have been taken off of it for a few weeks at a time when I have a lung infection or a sinus infection. My symptoms tend to come back with a vengence.

Hope that helps!

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im wondering about what rachel said about having the side effect of memory loss. i have been geting that too all of sudden lately. i DO wonder if this is from methotraxate or maybe even sarcoid. anybody else experiencing this too also?

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