Ankle pain

I was first diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 1988 and almost did not survive the attack. Now 22 years later I got another attack.

I have had a myriad of symptoms for about a year and a few months. Every time I think it is on the downside, something else crops up. I know none of us are doctors but I have been limping with my right ankle (dire pain) for about 2 weeks.

Does anyone else have ankle pain attributed to Sarcoidosis? I am soooo tired of going to the doctor. I seriously do not feel like going in yet again to inquire about the ankle.

Any suggestions on how to alleviate the pain? I've been unemployed for two months and do not feel I can go back to work yet. Heck, I am lucky if I can walk down the stairs at home!

I have tried soaking the ankle in bath salts, wrapping it in and Ace bandage, and using a cream with aspirin in it. All help for a bit but them the pain starts again. I am using my left side of my body to compensate for the limping and now that side of my body is killing me. LOLOL...CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!

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I use a Lidocaine patch, unfortunately have to go to the Doctor to get it, but it is great for pain without getting doped up. Lasts for 12 hours too.

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I was having that crazy ankle pain too and pain under my feet. It made it difficult to do my job. I saw a podiatrist who gave me shoe inserts( he said they were store bought -called super feet) Also, a bootlike splint to were in bed. These two things made my ankle pain much better. Much, much better.
Hope you feel better.

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Often the ankle pain is inflammation for which ice packs are very effective. At least 20 min., at least 3 times a day, should make a big diff especially if you can elevate and rest it as much as possible for two or three days (same as for an injury).

Feel better,

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Have had acute sarcoid attacks in my left foot. The large toe and ankle swelled during these attacks. Cortisone injections were necessary to defeat the swelling. After that I used ice packs like IreneMarie.
It sounds like your problem is an acute sarcoidosis attack. These happen to me infrequently as my main problem is chronic sarcoid arthritis. You might need Plaquenil or Methothrexate to combat further attacks if you have chronic involvement in the foot. Good luck

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I have been taking supplement Glucosamine-Chondroitin daily and has really helped get the pain under control.

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Oh my gosh, thank you! What a great idea. I will call the doctor today.

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I did this too back about four years ago when I did not realize it was the beginning of the bout. I had a rash on my left leg for about two years first. I stand on my feet all day for about 12 hours when I do work (hair business). I must dig out the foot inserts again. Thank you.

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Thanks! I tend not to put ice on it because I am a big baby when it comes to ice packs. Once one gets over the initial pain of the ice, the numbness starts. I will try that also.

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Gosh, you sound like you have tons of pain. I'm so sorry. I know what this is like as we all do. Feel better.

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Yes, I take this too but only half of what they say on the bottle. It is time to start taking the full dosage. Thanks.

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Just a note of friendly advise...
Do not keep the ice on long enough to go numb - you will get the opposite desired effect. You will get ice burn which will increase the swelling.
Always wrap ice pack in a cloth to protect the skin. And only use the ice for only 20 min. at a time or you will get that reverse effect.
Some folks like a bag of frozen peas (they are loose and shape easily to the body part) - put them in a ziplock and cover with a dish cloth before applying to the swollen area. Then disgard the zip and return the peas to the freezer. Next time you will need to loosen the peas by dropping the bag on the counter a couple of times. When you no longer need the peas throw them out to the birds :)


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I had chronic left ankle pain about 5 years ago and they could not figure out why. Finally it swelled up and they did surgery to remove tissue build up but did not test it for sarcoid, ( at the time i did not know that I had it)
I has a terrible sarcoid in Jan-09 that landed me in bed for 31 days and in the hospital for 16 days before they finally figured it out. Now upon researching sarcoid I have found out with many people it starts in the ankle.
I have systemic sarcoid and I am pretty ill with it, I hope you get to a doctor to get this under control before it goes any further. Try to rest it and take advil or naproxen.( after you talk to the doc.) I hope and pray that you get better and are pain free soon.

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