Trazodone for difficulty falling asleep?

I've been having trouble getting to sleep at night-- just seems like I can't shut my mind off. I talked to my doctor about it and he prescribed me trazodone to take before bed. I researched it a bit, and it seems like trazodone is primarily used to treat depression and anxiety. I'm already on another anti-anxiety medication and a bit nervous about adding trazodone to the mix. Has anyone else ever been prescribed trazodone as a sleep aid? What kinds of results/side effects did you have?

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It took a while, but eventually it did cure my insomnia.

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In terms of side effects, I didn't notice any at the time. but years later, I've developed bi-polar disorder and hypersomnia.

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My doctor wanted to put me on Trazodone, but when I picked up the script and saw it's primary use for was for depression, I refused to take it. I don't like taking meds in the first place and refuse to take meds that are meant for one thing and happend to help w/ another. My problem is that I seem to wake up at night, by nightfall, I'm feeling sooo wide awake. Supposed to see a sleep specialist on the 19th. My dad had insomnia and used to sundown at night. Is insonmia hereditary???

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I have been on 200 mg of trazadone for about 20 years now. I take it just to fall asleep. However, it does not keep me asleep. For that I take 2.5 mg of valium when I awake at 2 or 3 o'clock. If I happen to sleep until 4:00 then its too late to take anything and I just lay there ( and maybe I sleep)

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By the way, the trazodone is very, very old antidepressant and I did not experience an side affects. Paula

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I have never had trazodone. I have had other tricyclics (sp?). Tricyclics predate Prozac. I never liked them, I felt 'hung-over' in the AM.

I have something that has helped. I write / journal/ sketch, when I have not been able to shut my brain down. It has helped me through many periods in my life.

I have been on three different sleep aids. In retrospect, I can say they made me sleep, but day sleep problems magnified. I am glad to have had them based on the sleeplessness I was experiencing at the time. Ambien caused me to move furniture at night!

I can assure you of one thing, so many drugs are meant to relieve certain symptoms....but have other 'positive' or valuable uses, listed under side-effects or known by your DR.

I am still on an antidepressant that 'inhibits' smoking desires, listed as a side effect, it has kept me off cigarettes for three + years. Granted I should have not needed it lately, but the anti-depressant side I have needed.

I can tell you more, but I am tired! I shut down quickly to sleep only to be the worst example of sleep. I just recently learned I am 84% oxygenated at night, and I stop breathing 5 or more times for more than 10 seconds each hour (the definition of sleep apnea).

My positive outlook is 'finally? answers to my sleep problems?'

Oxygen Annie

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I used it a few years side effects...kept me asleep and was effective. I also had depression so wanted to kill two birds with one to speak so did not have a problem taking it.

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i was prescribed trezadone and it didnt really work more me it kept me up for some reason but thats just body. everyone is different
if your really worried should talk to your doctor
it might help you but idk about taking it with another medication you should call either your doctor or might be able to take both with it bein safe if you take it within a few hour time period....
dont take both around the same time
unless your doctor or the pharmissit says its ok

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If the trazadone doesn't work you can try seriquil
That always knocked me out within 5 minutes

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I used to be on Trazodone 300mg at night-time, which made me very drowsy actually so drowsy I could not stand up, "it has H2 sedative Antihistimine type blockers" in the antidepressant which makes you drowsy.

You can get the very same effect if you go out and buy Phenergan (Promethazine) 25mg Tablets and (take 2x at night)
similar chemical structure, more or less... to the sedative drug in Trazadone.

(Promethazine) is also an H1 & H2 Receptor blocker... and is usually sold as an over the counter as a antihistamine. (Different Brands) in the UK its called Phenergan.

Now back to your worries about (drug-drug) "interactions with each other", each drug, takes a different pathway when it goes down your throat and into your system. So no worries about Trazodone clashing with Ativan or Valium for example, often Psychiatrists can use 2 different anti depressants together if you fail to respond to the first line therapy, so does that answer your question?

Anymore questions feel free to ask.!

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"Trazadone" It may be old but certainly NOT obsolete - there are much more older drugs than Trazadone that are still used regular today, Like "Amytriptyline" or "Nortriptyline" for example made in early 1970's.

Take care...

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I work in medical transcription, night shift, putting in long hours and drinking lots of caffeine in order to keep typing until around 3:00 a.m. I subsequently had to drink wine to take the edge off to get to sleep. I wanted to break the cycle of caffeine/alcohol, had stopped drinking, and trazodone was recommended as a great way to “reset the sleep cycle.” I don’t normally take prescription drugs but decided to give it a try. I broke a 100 mg tablet in half somewhat unevenly, and ended up taking probably 60 mg at 3:30 a.m. on a full stomach. I began to feel drowsy and clumsy by 4:00 a.m. and went to bed, but lie awake thinking. I felt tired/groggy yet NOT relaxed – I had cramps in my neck and shoulders from typing which remained or even got worse, while my mind continued to race. I did NOT have the pleasant, warm, comforting feeling that one would expect from a sleep aid, a narcotic, a benzodiazepine or a muscle relaxant. Also, I had to get up to pee about every 10 minutes! I started to drift off around 5:00 a.m. but had to get up to pee several more times. I finally fell asleep around 5:30 a.m. I woke up at 1:30 p.m. with a terrible headache and barely able to drag my ass out of bed, hungover and not refreshed at all. I had to drink a very strong cup of coffee in order to function – thereby perpetuating the cycle I was trying to break! I will never take this drug again. By the way: Trazodone is considered “not habit forming” only because it is neither fun nor pleasant, and therefore nobody would willingly abuse it. However, like all antidepressants it IS physically addictive, meaning if you take it long enough you will build up tolerance and require an increased dose, and if you stop suddenly, you will have withdrawal symptoms, which in my opinion is totally not worth it for a drug that was never pleasant in the first place. Would not recommend this drug.

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AMBIEN! it's the only drug out there that leaves your system completely after 8 hours and it gives you restful sleep. Yes, it does cause some people to do strange things at night like sleep eating, etc that you have no memory of in the morning, but you can take precautions (especially if you live with someone) that will keep you from doing it. It takes a mere 3 to 7 minutes to work, so you HAVE to be in bed before you take it. It is also the only sleep medication that doesn't alter your sleep patterns as ALL of the other ones listed above do, including alcohol and benedryl ( or nighttime sleep aids like , tylenol pm, etc. - they all have diphenhydramine which is benedryl). I've been suffering from sleep disorders since I was 20 years old. I am now 41 and, yes, over the last several years, my doctor has increased my dose by 100%, I hate it, but nothing beats a good night's sleep! It is a "non-addicting" drug. That means chemically though, no withdrawals in your body if you stop, but you can become mentally dependent on it, which I guess you could say I am, but being bipolar too, it is important to my dr. that I get proper sleep in order not to become manic.

I've tried trazadone, risperdal, amitryptaline, nortriptaline, xanax, however, ALL of them affect your sleep patterns and you have a hangover affect in the morning. At least I do - and maybe not the first morning, but definitely after continued use.

Hope that helps.

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I have had chronic insomnia for over a decade. I've tried all the presciption drugs, and of course over the counters. It couldn't be more true that each body, and even physiological cause of insomnia is different. Trazodone is by far my favorite. I sometimes have problems falling asleep, and always have problems waking up way too early and not ever falling back asleep. I take 50 mg (dose for insomnia can be much less than that for depression) a couple times a week for this (I find that the effect decreases when I take it more than that), and it guarantees me at least 4 hrs of sleep. And the sleep feels more natural. Although if I don't eat a little snack with it, I end up dry heaving 20 minutes later, and then falling asleep. Not a fan of ambien, which makes me sleep only a couple hours and just drugged the rest of the time, or the others which for me don't work at all.

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I have been taking 150 mg of Trazadone every night for seven years now in addition to Celexa in the mornings for chronic depression. It works for very well for me. Rarely do I have problems sleeping through the night and in the morning I feel rested and wide awake. Before this I was a complete insomniac and had been since my teens. For me it is quality of life that counts and in taking a combination of these two drugs and some therapy (now in the past) I have finally achieved what I had been missing for so many years. The difference it has made in my life has been tremendous and I was even able to go back to teaching and not feel anxious, confused and overwhelmed all the time. What a difference!

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