Causes of Livedoid Vasculopathy

Hi I have long wanted to share this article with LVers to share it's info with doctors. On pg 2 Table 1 Associations of Livedoid Vasculopathy, it lists the many diseases that contribute to the development of Livedoid Vasculopathy. Odds are one of these illnesses is the cause of your LV. LVers on the site have reported they have VLeiden factor or hyperhomosysteinanemia,or venous insufficiency or cryoglobulinanemia. When Drs find the underlying cause sometimes you can help control the disease. here goes

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WOW, thanks for that information. I'm going to print it out and take to my dermatologist. I know that a lot of blood disorders have been ruled out but I still don't know the cause of the LV. Thanks again!!

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Please excuse my wordiness, don't get bored.

I have had LV since Jan. 2011. Round one- (the pain and leg ulsers - I call them volcanos) subsided the end of Feb. 2012.

Relief with the initial swelling was accomplished within 2-3 days by drinking 2 tablespoons of Brown Apple Cider Vinegar (mixed with 1/2 glass of low sodium V-8 juice). The ulsers healed like a miracle in approxically 3 weeks by taking the supplement Rutin (500 mg in the AM and 50mg in the PM. The Rutin was prescribed Feb. 1, 2012, by my 2nd Dermatologist at Duke Medical Center.

My condition was completely gone for approximately 2 months. It returned with a vengeance - pain was outrageous. Don't discount the Rutin for its healing power though -it works for me. Don't get me wrong, Rutin does not stop LV, but it sure aids in healing the formed ulcer.

My search is contiuing for the root cause of LV. I recently had a blood evaluation which was quite extensive. It showed that I had elevated blood insulin (to my surprise). Regular blood test, CBC, did not show that. I do not know why they call CBC (Complete Blood Count) when it's not. I am working on lowering my blood insulin. Insulin is a very inflamatory hormone if in excess in the blood. Could that be the root cause of the LV ???? We'll see.

Thanks Angelasmom for your May 14 blog. I'll
keep you all posted, hopefully with good news.

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sorry Joe that the boost cider vinegar gave your immune system alone wasn't enough. Looks like we have to treat with at least a few methods. What is rutin? Very interesting about insulin and bears investigation. Looks like all things that inflame promote LV. Does the excess blood hormone have anything to do with diabetes?

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Hi, Angelasmom
Your question... Does the excess, blood hormone insulin have anything to do with diabetes?
Could be on the way to diabetes if I don't get it under control. The Beta cells in the pancreas
are now being over-active, allowing too much insulin to be in the blood. If this continues the Beta cells
will become inactive (spent). When that happens no more insulin is produced... diabetes.

You see, I have had a sweet tooth. Although it hasn't caused me to be overweight, I exercise a lot, it has caused
my pancreas (Beta cells) to be somewhat overactive.

Thanks for your question. Hope the above answered it.

Joe BACV --- (BACV, as you probably guessed stands for Brown Apple Cider Vingar)
Did not come up with anything else at the time.

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Sorry I did not answer your question (What is Rutin?). Rutin is an antioxident +. It is an extract from buckwheat and dark green leaf vegatables.

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Timid cannot respond about LV. He went to be with Jesus last Oct. Suffered a lot,tried many Tx. The pain was too much to bear. He is missed greatly. Buzy

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