Should scd students be put on a IEP

IEP is individualized education plan that guides the delivery of special education support for your child. I'm not sure if this is specific to Ontario or if where you live have an equivalent program. I have heard good and bad about it. On one hand your child with SCD who probably misses a lot of school due to illness may very well benefit from this program. On the other hand, is there a stigma attached to it as some feel? Does it make your child feel less than normal to be enrolled? Do you know anyone with scd on an iep and what are their thoughts on it. Should there be automatic provisions in the school system to accommodate those with scd. Are there some you are aware of that you can share with everyone. Or maybe you can share what you do to get your child caught up when they miss school, assignments or exams due to a crisis.

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Hi SicklerMom1,

Good question because not many people know that IEP/ESE can help their child. Many are terrified of just hearing those words because as a parent you think "Really" there is nothing wrong with my child academically.......I was ignorant to that at one point in time also.

But, my daughter is in a gifted program at school but also has IEP/ESE and Intermittent hospital home bound. Sickle Cell is actually part of IEP/ESE, hospital home bound program and is treated differently. For example, your child is in regular classes, does regular school work, everything is still the same it starts to kick in for excessive absents, unable to participate in recess, major test and exams missed (SAT, ACT, End of year exams etc.), extended times on test, bathroom breaks, wheelchair, therapy during school but I can go on and on. It is basically a cushion just in case your child misses school and can not participate in activities. Oh yeah, with this in place for your child the school must give your child their missed work and give them 5 days for each missed day. They will ask you to just have a mediator that your child can go to for missed work, tutoring or when they are sick which mine is my daughter's teacher. But, thank God we have not used it to the extent of her going on hospital homebound.

My daughter knows that she is on it just in case she needs that extra help when not feeling good and it has not negatively affected her. Like I said, you really don't see any affects being in such program because they are still in regular classes and everything. To answer one of your other questions I think this program should be individualized......not automatically placed for every SCD...Why? Call me crazy but I think SCD kids should be treated like any other child when it comes to education or life in general. I think it will help their self-esteem and grow to learn that they are normal kids that is going through something God can help them with. I think SCD kids should be thought that anything in life is possible whether you struggle or not just like anyone else without SC. Hope my experience and information helps.....

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HI GodhasControl,
Thank you for taking the time to respond. It is my hope that this conversation will help those trying to make a decision about IEP, or at least educate some about it. I have heard good and bad stories about the program. I am glad to hear that you fall into the good. Let's continue to communicate and empower not just ourselves, but especially those families living with SCD.

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I have sickle cell anemia and I would go through many crisis during the school year that made me miss classes for a week minimum. I was never put on an IEP and was successful with school. If you're unsure about the program because of the attached stigma, just be open with your child's teachers. Let them know what is happening. That is the route I took. Most teachers are really great at trying to help out as much as possible. I'm currently in my sophomore year of college and still suffer from frequent crisis where I miss a ton of school and considering it's college you would think it would be near impossible to keep up with so many absences. But I'm open and honest with my professors and surprisingly I still maintain my honor roll grades. Although on the other hand, my attendance record isn't that great. LOL

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Keep up the good work, you inspire me! My daught is a way off from college, but stories like yours is what I will share with her. We can do anything we put our mind and energy to. You are a good example of that. All the best with yiur studies. You should also try to find some way to reach out to those in the same situation in your neighborhood and share your story with them. You never know who you will be able to help.

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