Natural remedies for Sickle cell anemia

I have heard that eating foods high in Nitrilosides(vitamin B17) greatly improves sickle cell. Nitrilosides are transformed in the body to thiocyanate which prevents blood from sicklings. You should cut back on foods that are bad for you espiecially fast foods if you want the change in diet to do any good. I will definitely try this out. I found a site that lists many of these foods high in vitamin B17.

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Apricot seeds of kennels are packed with B17 one would take 10 percent of body weight so if someone is 100 lbs they would take 10 apricot seeds a day or could take a 100mg supplement pill. The Apricot seeds can be brought at the healthfood store and should be bitter, if they are sweet then the good stuff has been taken out. The pills have to be ordered online.

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I have taken my son off of the 1000mg of hydroxuerea he was on and I started giving him the b17 pills 100mg once a day and I haven noticed any increased pain. I am hopeful and it seems to be working for him. The last time I tried to take him off the hydroxurea, he started having increased pain right away and after about a week I had to put him back on it.

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Hi everyone,

I have Sickle Cell SS and have decided now to go mostly natural after having blood tranfusions for a long time (12 years on and off). I am using a mixture of herbs, more fluid and tai chi / chi gung to help. My last transfusion was 8 weeks ago. I'm now starting to feel the usual aches and pains, that's another post :) ...

I would recommend a herb called 'prickly ash', also known as fagara in Nigeria. This is a herb which can be used as a tea to help ease sickling and is a pain reliever.

I have done research over time, using a mixture of natural and allopathic (western) medicine all the while.

What you will be lead to in the end is the fact that the body does best when it is fed the right ingredients, and it's the usual, fruit and veg, fluids etc etc. This is the foundation of all health.

I understand the question though and you're asking what specifically can help people with Sickle Cell. Here is a general list:

prickly ash
jamaica dogwood
foods rich in thiocyanates (yam, cassava etc)
vegetarian diet / little meat
enough hydration
keeping the body's waste moving (mild laxatives, I notice I'm clogged up around times of crises)
not overeating
alternative therapies (tai chi, yoga, reflexology, acupuncture, loads of others)
fasting and eating one meal a day (having fruits etc around the meal)
listening to the signs and symptoms of the body (there are signs, usually a day or so before)

I hope it helps some anyway.


Osei (profess121)

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I have just heard of a tea that can offer some pain relief for sickle cell.

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i have also read about the redcell tea, I read about it from another sickle cell group website i am a member of. A few people have tried it and say it works really well, i haven't given it to my daughter yet because i want to ask her consultant about it first whether or not i should give it to her as she is only 14 months. But i have read it works well. wonder if anybody had tried it.

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