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Hello Inspire Family!,
I have been raising a daughter with Sickle Cell SS for 10 years now, in addition to this challenge she also has other medical and disability challenges. I have fortified my daughter's diet with natural foods like yams, beans, hearty breads and put golden flax seed meal in everything I make for her(eggs, oatmeal, meatloaf, ect.) Also I give her 2tsp cod liver oil, liquid Co10(Q10), B12, B6, folic acid about 2tsp, Chlorophyl liquid drops in juice or water, astragulus(dropper full)Vitamin C, liquid form about 1500mg, and elderberry syrup, all of these daily. It has lessened her pain crisis tremendously. Also lots of broccoli, spinach, apples, grapes, molasses are good. Moms, (and dads) I encourage you to start baking, lots of things:protein powder,flax meal, wheat germ, brown rice flour, ect. can be hidden inside muffins, breads and cakes. My daughter also has gallstones, so I make her eat bitter foods, like Kale and spinach, bitter herbs. Recently in the Hospital, an ultrasound showed my daughter still had beautiful organs and a spleen! working! No acute chest!, Family, Prayer, Faith and Diet Helps!. Lets get together as a unit and fight Congress for more funding for Research, Together we can Do anything, Lets organize, if you are with me Moms and dads, Lets Get it Started! God Bless All My Babies out there that Fight this Disease, and May God give All my parents Strength!

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Dear rosebrain,
some of us in Africa have to look for alternatives to all those wonderful things you get and feed your daughter but no matter where or who we are,we can all identify with one another and together will our chidren who I love to call CHAMPIONS,the battle over the goliath called sickle cell will be won.For every mom who has had to go through it without their spouse,I encourage you to fight on.I say this because more fathers in Africa are abandoning their families,they don't want to remain where they need to nurture a sickle cell kid.Where would a mom go?I am with you,I have started an awareness program,going to rural areas to discourage stigmatization,sensitizing mothers on palliative measures and encouraging young couples to go through genetic counseling.More power to OUR CHAMPIONS.WE ARE TOGETHER IN THE BATTLE.GOD BLESS AND KEEP US ALL SAFE!

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Hi Rosebrain,

Thanks for sharing. My son is three months old, and I've been taking Dioscovite so he will get it through my breast milk. I've done quite a bit of research on the substance and I've also downloaded the full patent for the product and I've talked to others that say it works for them and their babies. I'm already a healthy eater, so thank you for giving me your "recipe" for success. I just have a couple of questions.

1. When did you start your child on this regimen?
You also said, "Also I give her 2tsp cod liver oil, liquid Co10(Q10), B12, B6, folic acid about 2tsp, Chlorophyl liquid drops in juice or water, astragulus(dropper full)Vitamin C, liquid form about 1500mg, and elderberry syrup, all of these daily".

What is the dosage of Liquid Co10(Q10)?
What is astragulus Vitamin C?
you say the liquid form about 1500mg, are you talking about Vitamin C?

Thank you so much again for sharing and for the clarification.
Have a great day!

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My daughter has been on these daily supplements since she was about 6 or so. She has been hospitalized within those years but IT WAS NOT DUE TO A SICKLE CELL CRISIS OR ANYTHING RELATED TO SICKLE CELL! That being said I think the Real Testimony is her Organs, especially the Spleen, which she still has(it is not Infarcted) and it appears to still be working, so....I give about 1teaspoon of the liquid Q10 and about 3 dropper fulls of the astragulus per day. The 1500mg amount is the vitamin C she gets daily, a little more when she has a cold or something. I also give her Essence Water, it is a higher PH water. The diet is key, very little or no processed foods, fresh foods,organic foods are best and moms Cook, real meals everyday or make enough one day that will last 2 or can be frozen, using fresh garlic(a natural antibiotic) onions, peppers, ect. Fresh fruits, apples, grapes, raisons ect. Moms Oatmeal everyday! It keeps the bowels open. It is as much about the diet as the supplements, but it all helps, I am a living witness and most of ALL Prayer, Trust in GOD! Hope this clarifies some info, but feel free to ask more questions and Lets share with eachother what we have found to Work! We are a Family in This Fight Together!!! Be Blessed All!

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Thank you so much Rosebrain.
My masterweapon has been PRAYERS. I pray for my baby everytime I snatch an opportunity, everyday. Infact, I did even when she was unborn and I trust that she was protected ever since.
Just like you, I give her cod liver oil, once a week though, I cook her food and I have tried successfully to avoid processed food. Luckily I am in Africa, where fresh foods are available therefore I take that opportunity with pride.
I drop a cinnamon and garlic in her food and ensure there is a veggie in her meal except for oatmeal or milk.
She is a great sucker and I know I am a healthy eater so she is surely getting some nutrients from me.

In her juice, that she takes in the morning and evening, I ensure an avocado ingredient doesn't miss. And she loves juice and water to pieces.

God is able. I am a single mom and the father , just like Monamie has shared, is not even concerned. Sometimes, you just wonder this love of God , how it does not transform some other people. Not even a diaper, not a checking call , not even a penny to subsidize food or medical.
Thank God ( My God is awesome) I have a very good job, courtesy of my Lord and I have my father , the Lord who takes care of us.
There is nothing that my God can not do and all His promises are AMEN in Jesus Christ ( 2 Korinth:1:22).

I just pray for all moms so that they may be granted strength, love and they should always remember that, God will not forsake them, including myself.
God bless

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