Ugly cuticles and dry peeling fingertips

Hi everyone. I haven't been here in awhile. I've been keeping busy. Lately I have been having issues with my fingertips. They are dry, peeling and feels a bit swollen and hard. My thumb is a bit discolored and I'm wondering is this illness related or from the weather. It's only my right hand. My rheumy diagnosed me with raynalds/ systemic scleraderma until I had a negative test result that came back now he's thinking may have lupus. My cuticles looks terrible. I was taken off methotrexate and prednisone for a while but at my last visit I was put back on the steroids. I'm trying to get another rheumy because in my opinion, he's not taking my concerns seriously. He's just one of those doctors who just prescribe meds and don't spend enough time with his patients. With this rheumy I dont see myself ever getting a clear diagnosis. Is there anyone else who is having issues with their fingertips??

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yes yes yes!!!!!! I just posted today about hard skin around nails, my fingers peel like snake skin and Im a picker so that doesnt help! I am waiting for my doctor to respond about going to a nail salon and getting a paraffin wax treatment, I heard that might help. I also use Nitro-Bid cream (nitroglycerin) for my Raynauds, when my hands turn black from cold or stress I put on a small amount. Well I heard that this might also help my hardness around my nails...waiting for doc to get back to me on this too. Mine is on both hands.
I hate it.

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I swear by vitamin E oil. I rub it on my cuticles, fingers and hands daily. And lotion....

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That I such a shame that your Rheumy doesn't make time to talk & LISTEN to you.

I've only had 1 digital ulcer, it was on the thumb of my preferred hand and was a real nuisance as well as being v painful.
I really pamper my hands now: I use paraffin wax treatments, put hands into polythene bags and place my hands into electrically heated mitts (bought from ebay) to allow max absorption . Hand cream after every hand wash and I avoid using the hygiene gels as they are very drying. (Balneum - £20 for 500gm pump dispenser from Amazon) It's brilliant and is available on prescription in the UK. I also keep my nails clipped short, but then they don't grow very much!

I've decided to trim back the thick cuticles (after soaking them until they soften) and use strengthening polish on the nails to see if that keeps the cuticle at bay a little. It also helps disguise the multitude of ridges on the nails. I buff the hard skin just enough to take away to edges of the hacks or where they might peel, using the finest emery board.

Hope you find this useful.

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I'm sorry you are having problems with you cuticles. I have the same problem but do not know what causes it for me. I have had raynauds for fifteen years. Do you know why the cuticles become overgrown with scleroderma? I am confused about why that happens.

Have you ever tried sleeping with those special gloves tha you wear over moisturizer? That may help certainly couldn't hurt! Good luck!

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heloo, i have had problems with cracking skin on fingertips, ridges on nails, i read a post on this site which recommended UREA cream 40% (prescription only), i asked my doctor, and he prescribed it, i have been doing much better, has decreased the cracking on my finger tips, and smoothed out the ridges as well, excellent product which has really worked well for me. My hands look much nicer now, and that makes me feel good!

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I went to my first hand therapy yesterday, its just at a saloon but OMG my hands look healthier and feel so much better. I am gonna go once a week and see how they look in a month. They massaged 2 different oils in and then put my hands in a paraffin wax.
Im gonna do some research on the UREA cream. Thank you for that info Anitavalle.

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You can buy paraffin wax warmers starting at $16.00 on ebay. I haven't tried this, but it would be cheaper than a beauty shop for sure. I think the paraffin can be reused. If nothing else, it would warm your hands up.

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I have been having this problem of my finger nails and my toes are turning brown ask my doctor he don't know why. I hate it, it looks a mess .

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Vitamin E oil used here. I have had the ugly cuticles and cracking, rough flaky skin. Use Vaseline intensive care with ALOE VERA. The vitamin E oil works best on the cuticle. Don't understand why this happens either. I drink lots of water. I have had the scaly patches on my face at times too. All I can say is moisturize and keep skin protected from the elements.

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