Treatments for Osteoporosis

Has anyone with Osteoporosis had Reclast IV injections?
OR taken Osteoben, a medical food supplement?

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I have had two infusions and did not have any problem with them. I have a years break, and but my rheumy thinks after my last bone density test I need another one this year. I am not able to any oral meds or the mist==so this is what I was prescribed. I have not tried Osteben.

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My Rheumy doesn't want me to take any more pills because of what I'm taking now.

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Yeah the pills did a number on the intestinal system. I like this is once a year, and I did not have any reaction to the Reclast. They do check to make sure the calcium levels in the blood are high enough before the infusion is done.

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My rheumatologist wanted me to take Reclast or Prolia, but I don't have prescription drug coverage. He will not prescribe a pill for me because of problems with my esophagus.

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MY rheumatologist also recommends the shots because of danger to the esophagus. Will be having a wisdom tooth removed soon, so have stopped the osteo meds for almost a year. It takes a long time to clear it from the bones. If present, it interferes with proper healing, I'm told.

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My dentist was telling me that while the meds for osteoporosis help the bones in the body to get stronger, it makes the jawbone weaker and they don't know why. All this gets very frustrating.

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I am on Forteo which is an daly injectable prescription.
This one doesn't have any of the side effects of the other osteoporosis medications and helps to rebuild the bones.

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