Tiny cuts on skin?

Does anyone get tiny cuts that start to bleed on your skin that seem to come out of nowhere?
I have gotten them on my fingers and face.

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I sometimes get them on my hands. They are almost like tiny papercuts.

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Oh, yes, cava ... but only on my fingers, and only when the weather's been cold and my hands dry out. They ARE painful and quite an annoyance. Hand lotion definitely helps. But here's something else I discovered in the last couple of years. My beautician has a device called a parrafin hand dip. She slothers hand cream all over my hands, then I dip them one at a time into a tub of warm melted parrafin wax. The wax actually solidifies on your hands after the last dip, sealing the hand lotion in. Then you quick pop your hands into plastic baggies with oven mitts over the top of that ... and let sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, the beautician peels off the plastic baggies in such a way that it takes all the wax with it ... leaving behind hands that are wonderfully moisturized! It works so well and does such a good job of keeping those "paper cuts" away that I do it every 5 weeks now without fail, even in the summertime. And the heat is wonderful for my Raynauds. Highly recommend it!

Benicia, CA

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OHMYGOSH, YES! They come up on the side of my right index finger. Always in the same area. Looks like a knife cut each time, but I am right handed, so how could I be repeatedly cutting my right hand with the kitchen knife! I've had about 4 of these in that area in about the past three months. It's like I'm doing nothing in particular, and I look down and there it is!

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My father used to get these (not scleroderma - just old age), and his doctor actually wrote him a prescription for "Krazy Glue." The prescription part was just for laughs, but he said that Krazy Glue is actually what lots of doctors use when they get these cracks on their fingertips. And it worked, too.

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Yes, ouch! When the weather is cold and my hands are dry it's worst. My 5 year old started getting them this last winter too - poor little guy:(

I try to put a tiny bit of neosporin on the "cut" before the lotion b/c if the lotion goes right on the cut it stings. Plus the neosporin helps it heal way quicker too.

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I too just had 2 of these on the tops of my fingers. They were just like papercuts like shellywise described. Now I just have small red spots where they were. Is that typical of Sclero? I am losing my marbles and my appt on Tuesday can't get here soon enough! I am nervous about going, but know that too many new changes are happening. I don't know what to think at this point. Am I MCTD, sclero or even dermatomyositis?? I don't think that i am lupus at all now. Finger calcifications aren't seen in Lupus. I wouldn't have loss of finger knuckle lines too. Anyway, I will see what the rheumy has to say. Errrrrr...can I scream now???

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I used to get those painful "paper cuts" that would never heal. I used tea tree oil which helped it heal faster. I've been lucky... haven't had those open cuts on my fingers in a long time (knock on wood) --- I can't tell you how many boxes of bandaids I had around the house! : )

I had a bad experience with the parrafin wax dip from my Raynauds. I was careful that the wax wasn't too hot, but regardless, I'll never use it again! It felt like I had a Raynauds reaction to the heat instead of the cold and it was intensely painful. (And my hands were normal when I dipped it in)

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Yes! Two in the past week...

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