THE SCHLERODERMA FACE part 2.casagrande

Hi If you could all please read my last entry on The Schleroderma Look 'Face' As there are a few of us who are determind to beat this awful look you get around the mouth and lips.For me personally I always had a good face and features and I am simply devastated at what is happening to my face.What's it going to look like in a year, or two even, I shudder to think? I just can't sit back and let it happen! Knowing me as I do Will certainly dig around and try to come up with an Answer! That is Me!! There is a theory I have, When clients were about to undergo Facelifts etc,I believe 3 weeks before op they were told to go on various Vitamins to build up the healing potential? Makes Sense I suppose? Interestingly enough Just over a year ago I had to have my Breast implants out due to bad leakage problem! There was absolutely no problems with the skin healing and no visable scars hardly.....It made me think especially as I am always well dosed up on Vit E,Vit D omega,primrose oils andVit b's etc??? I will tell more when I know more
Lets hope EH... casagrande

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I do not have the furrowed lips after 30 years of SS, but have thinned lips. Maybe becasueI I am still young and I will get those problems later but I am determined to prevent it from hapenning, In fact, am determined to have my plump lips back naturally as I am scared of any plastic surgeries. How - by reversing SD using combination of drugs (antibiotics) and supplements, healthy diet and mind plus acupuncure, massage, stretching, exercising. I haven't tried homeopatic treatments yet but did have a lot og ging sheng extract when younger and do take a lot of turmeric in my daily food as a part of our traditional cuisine (Azerbaijan).
However, I wish casagrande success in this initiative as a little contribution from me I'd like to suggest a celebrity name who has SD - Robin Williams.
Good luck!

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Good morning To you Aynurrzepa,
Its good to hear from you reporting this about your having had SS for 30 years yet haven't developed the awful furrowed lines around mouth. only your lips are thinner! You also mention you diet, massage ,excersise,vits,and tumeric. I have not tried this tumeric,but do see other people saying they use it. For the most vital and important thing in the fight against this disease,seems to be crucial that regular vits daily,being on the right drugs[dosage],maintaining a healthy diet,keep stretching for the skin easing,and good moisturizing all over. Don't let you lips get too thin though as It will be more difficult to get a result you want. A doctor did tell me that! Mine are not bad yet so I intend to do my own fat, lip enhancement as soon as I have saved up for it. Like yourself am a great believer in, you are what you eat and drink, dose up your body with all things good,its got to help! Bye the way is your photo a recent one? You look good,and I am trying to guess your age.....Finally.....Do you mean funny guy ROBIN WILLIAMS??
If you do I did not know this. How did you know this? is it common knowledge in America?? please let me know...Many thanks and best wishes from....casagrande.

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Hi Casagrande,

I'm 33 and it is indeed my very recent photo. Thanks. Fully agree re diet and supplements and the right drugs!

Yes, the funny guy - I learned from the web, just google his name and scleroderma. I live in Dubai and I am not American. I am from Azerbaijan married to a Brit. Robin Williams is very active in trying to find cure for the decease so it will be easy to get him interested. His lips have thinned a lot and furrowed. His facial skin is very thick. Being a Hollywood actor I guess he will be more than anybody interested in having his facial features restored!

How about your photo - is it recent?

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Aynurrzepa hi,
No not that recent but facially similar,lost a bit of weight so you do alter with that.probably 8 years ago? my hair is different ,shorter now but growing it again as it went thin for a while.Working on trying to look that way again...UMM.
Your life sounds exciting,Married to a Brit and living in Dubai
Is it okay living there,I have always imagined,vast wealth and grandeur,but to be careful if you are female??? France seems to die in the autumn and winter months,the french are like creatures who go into hibernation with their NUTS!!
and don't emerge untill the spring..Ha.Ha I'm only half joking.
In many places this applies.....Now I'm going to look up ...Robin Williams Thanks for that..But how could he be contacted????...Go on facebook bye the way I am on there!
as Kelly st.john..byeeeeee x casagrande, become a friend!

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Hi, already added you as inspire friend and sent a message on facebook. Hopefully it's you!
Dubai life is addictive, very nice lifestyle. Not cheap but good expat packages, especially for western europeans. We eastern europeans are "ranked" a notch lower :-) but still good salaries if we have the qualifications. I work in Emirates airline - love it! Have been with them for 14 years starting from Baku. Last 10 years I lived in Dubai. It' is unreal, though.. Very real to us but our relatives think we live in an unreal world. Villa, pool, house maid, gardener... And absolutely liberal, no problem for ladies at all - shorts, skimpy clothes as long as certain parts are not revealed you are OK. Other UAE emirates are a bit stricter, like Sharjah, but Dubai is absolutely fine... One problem here is medical services are really limited to very traditional medicine. There are homeopatic and ayurvedic centres and some naturopaths but they are not very good either or I did not find yet. So you really have to be your own guide in the world of medicine. I'll tell you more separately.

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Pleas don't make comments that aren't verified. Robin Williams does not have sclero, he raises awareness along with Bob Saget,who's sister,Gay, died from the disease several years ago.

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Piperpete I can only go on reports I have seen,as I had never heard of this before myself it was news to me only today. I then googled it and it indicated that he had facial involvement skin thickening so maybe we need to know for sure eh??????

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