Tendon Friction Rubs

Did you doctor test you for those? How does he/she test for this? They are apparently a very specific clinical finding for a worse course of systemic scleroderma. A tendon friction rub is a grinding/crunching feeling - both can be heard and felt - in joints when they are moved in a certain way. I get lots of little joint pops as I move around normally during the day - feel like I have always had those.

For my background - I am 45 female, recently went to a rheum just for a baseline work up since thyroid disease runs in my family. Have some very minor fleeting aches and pains I mentioned to him. He looked me over, said I look fine - and then boom, my bloods came back with a positive SCL-70. He and I were both shocked - we were not even looking for this. I have no sclero symptoms - no Raynauds, no skin issues, no swelling, etc...

As I have been reading all about the disease, I saw a few articles on tendon friction rubs being a clinical sign.

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i have heard them in the large knuckles at the base of my fingers - a creaking sound when i moved my fingers. it went away - never was painful - just creepy.

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yeah i get them in my knees and ankles and wrist im in my third year and they come and go and they dont hurt just sound and feel weird..Yeah they are definately part of systemic scleroderma in my case was pretty progressive in the last 3 yrs. i have reynauds and skin problems especially hypopigmentation

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thanks! I just wondered as I hear they are diagnostic and i do not know if I have any - do not know really how to move my wrist around, etc.. to see/feel if I have any

thanks for the replies - sorry you are having such progression.

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i think what we mean is that this is one of the many symptoms that will come and go over the course of sd. ulcers on the other hand will be more problematic and hard to fix and will last a long time. esophagus and gut issues are long term and threatening to overall health. and finally outward skin complications are conclusive when diagnosing. so if you hear the creaking that might be your first clue but far from the last in determining whats going on.

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