Telephone Support Group Meeting Info for 6/18

The Scleroderma Foundation, Tri-State Chapter announces the monthly meeting of Tri-State Connect - a newly formed telephone support group for scleroderma patients, their families and caregivers - or anyone interested in learning more about the topic!

Our speaker is: Danielle DeSalvo

Danielle is a self taught nutrition and fitness enthusiast. She holds a bachelor's degree in Bio-Medical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is also the author of Nutrition Zone, a nutrition and wellness blog published on

Danielle will discuss how the elimination of grains (not just gluten) can help control auto-immune diseases.

Tri-State Connect Group Leader: Jan Gnall
(3rd Tuesday of every month)

Meeting Agenda
6:55pm Call: 1-800-704-9804; Access Code: 284323#

7:00pm Sharp – Welcome & Ground Rules
7:15pm – Guest Speaker Joins the Call
7:35pm – Question & Answer Period
7:45pm – Tips and Ideas

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Does anyone know of a similar thing for the uk? xx

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Thank you for the information. Is the 6:55 pm call in time on mountain time? Do you have to register or just call in?

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Skylab...this is eastern daylight savings do not need to register, just call in! Thanks!

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Thanks! So this would be 4:55 MST. Looking forward to the discussion.

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Hope that this call will be useful to many of you! mb

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