swollen tendons in fingers

....I really don't know what's normal, anymore. My tendons are starting to get swollen/puffy at the joints in my fingers (palm side) - you can literally feel them - they feel like little knots. Is this normal? I literally have little knots at quite a few of my joints (palm side of hand) on the fingers - and it hasn't gone away for many many weeks. Anyone else experience this in the beginning stage? Is this just inflammation? Someone mentioned Traumeel anti-inflammatory cream (on this site) and that does help. I keep telling myself its repetitive stress....blah blah blah....but in the back of my mind.....that can't be it. Some days they are painful - other days - tolerable......

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Hi Mindy,
I'm sorry that you are living with pain. What you are experiencing is NOT normal and isn't just stress induced. This disease has so many variations and manifestations, it boggles the mind ! I don't know if the knots you are describing could be caused by inflammation alone. Have you read about calcinosis, which can be present in CREST syndrome ?
Good wishes,

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I am sorry you are experiencing the hand pain. I am also. Swollen under the knuckles, and my hands are very tight in the morning. I don't have the nodules, but maybe they are the nerves being pressed on due to the inflammation ? Heck, this disease affects so much, sometimes I think I'm imagining everything, but then, I come to this site and I find other people suffering from the same thing.
I wish you well, I hope you feel better soon. Try heat...it seems to loosen me up for a while...

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This sounds similar to what I get around my shoulder blades in my back...very painful and lasts a long time...

My hands definitely get the swelling too, very uncomfortable...

I hope it improves for you...I know there are a variety of "normals" with this disease...

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I believe I am experiencing the same thing in my hands. I have an autoimmune crossover disorder, with symptoms of Scleroderma, RA, and Raynaud's. The tendons on the inside of my hands are bumpy and they don't slide through their sheaths smoothly. I can almost open my hands flat, but I can only make a half-fist (with much pain). My doctors tell me this is the result of chronic inflammation. Your tendons can become permanently disfigured and weakened if you don't get the inflammation under control.
If you are looking for a natural approach, consider taking Meriva-SR by Thorne Research. It is curcumin phytosome, which is curcumin that has been bound to another molecule to make it more absorbable. I take 4 pills a day and find it more effective than Advil. Plus, no side effects. And it lowers your cancer risk.

I hope you can find relief,

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