Skin healing after a surgery

Has anyone had a surgery, with thickening of the skin? I was wondering how the thick skin heals. I have to have surgery on my wrist in January. I have very thick skin on my wrist. I am concerned how the skin heals.

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I had a breast removed in January which healed very well. However, the thickening on my chest area is affected by Sclero but not as much as my arms and neck.
There was a fair amount of movement in the area though so it went better than I thought it would.
I am sure that some members will have experienced a more comparable surgery and wish you the best of luck.

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Maybe remind the Dr that you heal very slow..Maybe they will have an idea of what to do...Good Luck!

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I had two knees replaced at different times in 2008. My rheumy did not want me to have the surgeries. I consulted others and decided to go ahead. It is true that medical specialists know a lot about their own specialties but not much about others. The surgeon told me the tissues on my second (right) knee were a bit more difficult to work with because of the sclero. No problems with the healing however. Now I'm facing hip replacement surgeries and I'm confident they will be successful. Everybody is different; this has been my experience.

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I had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery done a few weeks apart. My incisions healed slowly but did close. My surgeon took out every other stitch on each hand because of the thick skin and then had me come back again for the removal of the remaining. It took my scar about 8 months to flatten out, but now the suture lines are not visible on my palms. Do know that I have significant Raynauds and have had ischemic ulcers (but no ulcers during the operative recovery period). I wish you well.


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I had to have a skin cancer removed from my face this summer. It is still not healed. The dr. said the sutures would come out in 4 days, when I came back in 4 days he said it wasn't ready, and I had to leave them in 2 weeks to grow together a little and it still bled and pulled apart a bit.

It was supposed to be totally healed and the scar a nearly invisible white line, but 6 months later it is still red puffy and I look like hell. It looks like the photos of people who had the surgery done about a month ago on the drs. website. So I guess it takes at least 6 times longer to heal so far, but I'm not done yet. I hope you have better results, maybe it depends on the body area.

I had carpal tunnel release before sclero and it healed with no visible scar within a very short time. This face thing has been a total fiasco from the cancer to the healing to the misdiagnosis. grrrrrr.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your face. I pray they got all the cancer out. We still take pride in our looks, even though we are so sick. I hope that your scar goes away quickly.

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Thank you Lumi, your surgery is in the same area that mine is going to be in. I have to have a bone graft, because of lack of blood supply to one of the small bones in the wrist. My skin is pretty tight there, so I wondered how people heal. Thanks for responding. This is such a great source of information!!!

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Terribly unlucky for you, I do hope it's healing, now I will throw in my bit that I know from working with Plastic/cosmetic surgeons years ago.....But it remains the same format and more than likely to compare!!! and that is thickened skin will behave the same way as negroid/asian skin after surgery incisions and nearly always turns into Keloid scarring......Now if you are caucasian skin this does not normally happen unless somewhere you have a mixed blood....

" 2 years back I had to have both breast implants removed rather hurriedly, was horrified just thinking what ever the breasts would look like afterwards.
But I followed the normal aftercare procedure that I know from experience, and used a new suggested product that I have to say was absolutely fabulous!!! It has been designed to heal skin after surgical procedures, and wow does it?? my incisions all around the nipple and underneath breasts etc, as I had a reconstruction too.....IMPORTANT NOTE...on no account to apply it when skin is still trying to heal....ONLY when it's healed and dry.....then you need to use it for at least 8-10 months or longer and your scars will lesson if not DISSAPPEAR..............Mine have!! ...This Product is a clear sticky gel! ....It is called Dermatix! plastic surgeons should know of it,
it is not cheap though so try to get it from doctor.
good luck casagrande

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Hi Cheryl,
Read my reply post to Sophie re Dermatix skin repair gel....this was my saviour, and would let everyone know if they have got to have any open surgery where there is likely to be scarring, { This product is not cheap } but hey nothing that is any good is?
My plastic surgeon who took out my implants, saw my incisions nearly a year later, he was very pleased for me too.....
He swears by thickened skin would be a great see if anyone gets the same result, A good one!

My friend in England had this unsightly and quite ageing " Thing " A Blob? beside her nose,she of course hated it!! so I said for goodness sake it's getting Bigger, and you will end up with a double nose??? you will not like it!!! also had a large Mole too.
So after encourageing her to get treatment.............she was 6 months later "Over the moon" with the results.......No Visable Scars..
So keep this in your is comforting to know.

regards Casagrande.

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Hi Cheryl
Due to the severe reynauds I had, they had to operate on my hands and attached the artery to the vessels hoping to push the blood to the ends of my fingers. Everything healed fine and in reasonable time.
Then 6 yrs later we had to reverse it as the vessels were getting so big and deformed because they could not handle the artery flow, again everything healed fine with the exception of one scar. I think that is because I caused the wound to bleed profusly by going for a walk the day of surgery. Yep I did becasue I felt so good. LOL!
But they really didn't realize the damage until I started to heal so now there is scar tissue and tightness. I really do not think this is from my schleroderma.

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I've read that in scleroderma, whenever the body thinks it needs to heal itself, it goes overboard with collagen deposition.

I don't have skin hardening (yet) with my limited systemic scleroderma, but whenever I have a mole removed, healing is slow, and I get excessive scar formation. I've had cats all my life, with the occasional tiny bites from them, but the last time I was bitten, even though it was just a tiny pin prick (and did not get infected) it took months to heal, formed a scar about 1/2 inch in diameter, and 2 years later it still sheds layers of dry skin constantly. It's so weird, because never before did I react in such a fashion to a tiny tooth prick.

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I have systemic scleroderma. Last March I fell and fractured my shoulder. While the fracture was healing my bottom teeth loosened and I had to have them extracted.
In August I fell and fractured my hip.
I went to the denturist the other day to be fitted for a lower denture, but my mouth is too small to insert the denture mould.
The denturist says I would need to have surgery to widen my mouth , to insert the denture mould.
Has anyone out there had this done and what were the results?
Hoping for some feed back.


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