Shiny fingers & cramps in hands

Hi friends, I wanted to mention that I have been experiencing a really interesting phenomonon. Back in June when my symptoms started, I was having really bad hand cramping in the middle of the night. I'd wake up with my hands in claws that would eventually relax, but in the morning my fingers were sore and shiny (especially my index fingers). Well, I've been on AP for 60 days and I've been on LDN about 75 days now. I'm having excellent results -- I'd classify 90% improvement in sclero symptoms and my exhaustion is letting up too.

I recently ran out of my LDN and didn't realize how long it would take for the RX to be delivered. I've been off of the LDN for 7 days and the last two nights my hands have been cramping and look swollen and shiny again!

I know not many people have heard of LDN so I wanted to share that news with you. If you are having trouble with your hands, please look into this treatment. I have been taking several different things so it was hard for me to say which was doing what...but now I know that the LDN has had a huge impact on my hands.

Here is a link to the treatment info:

Blessings. Kim

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I am so happy you are doing well!

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So how do you get the LDN if Dr. dont believe in it? and you have to have them compounded down to a small dose of 3.5 mg.


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Hi Nico, My regular doc & Rhemy don't believe in it, but my AP doctor totally does. He's the one who has prescribed it. My other doctors still will not acknowledge the progess (they call it spontaneous remission and/or are still playing around with a 'misdiagnosis') but I am thrilled with the AP & LDN treatment.

There are a few pharmacies that will compound it -- mine comes from medhaus in CA. It is 4.5 mg.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'm still waiting for the meds to be delivered and I will never let them run out again! And not only have my hands gotten worse, but my heart palpitations/sweats have returned too. I believe the lack of LDN has brought all of this back around, but I will let you all know how I feel when I'm back on the meds.

Blessings! Kim

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Hey Kim,
I just contacted roadback thru email and am waiting to hear back. As I told u earlier neither doc will dx me so I can't even get into see a specialist till that happens. Am really interested in ur progress and hoping they too will b able to give me a name of someone I can see. Been thinking of u often and hope those meds get there quickly!!

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