Shingles and muscle pain

For anybody who has experienced Shingles.
I had an outbreak last week and in addition to the horrifying rash, I have had tremendous muscle and back pain right under where the rash lies (upper-mid back that wraps around under the left armpit and left side of breast). It's like the flu. I can hardly stand or sit upright before I need to lie and rest the back.
My doctor didn't say there would be muscle pain. Is the muscle pain from shingles or scleroderma?

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I had shingles once years ago. It was a pretty mild case. I do remember muscle pain. I have heard it can be very, very painful. People can be layed up for quite some time with it. There is an anti viral med. that your dr. can give you that will lessen the lengh of it. verview

this gives a good idea what is going on.
Hope you have a quick recovery!!!

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Sounds very miserable Alice. I hope you feel better soon. ((hug))

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Hope you feel better soon.

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I had shingles a little over a month ago. Very painful. It affects the core of the nerve where the rash breaks out. Mine affected my right hip and down my leg. lasted about a month. fortunately I have no residual pain. I understand that may occur.

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I had a mild case of shingles several years ago. I remember thinking that I had hurt my back. It was painful! Fortunately, I have no residual pain and haven't had a reoccurence. There are Lidoderm Patches that were made for the nerve pain of shingles. They are filled with an anesthetic like dentists inject for dental work and you put them over the affected area. If you can't get relief from your pain maybe you could ask your doctor about them.

I am sorry that you have this to deal with and I hope you get better soon!


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Really sorry to hear about your outbreak. Hands down, this was an extremely painful deal for me when I had them, similar to you but on the right side. I still have scars from the rash and I had lingering pain for probably two years. Go with the pain patches if you can, or whatever it takes. The pain can be very rough to handle, but it does go away eventually. I do think I got shingles as a result of my compromised immune system, but I also had taken two steriod shots and I think that kicked it off too. I really hope you feel better soon.

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I had shingles twice prior to ever getting scleroderma. You need to get to a doctor and get VALTREX for the shingles. Powerful pills and they work!

Can't answer about the pain, because the shingles pain killed me and before I got into remission, the Scleroderma pain killed me! However, here is a home remedy (swear to God it works) to put on the rash. 4 aspirin in 1/4 cup of nail polish remover that has acetone in it. Dip cotton balls into it and put right on the rash. It kills the itching and burning instantly. Got this out of a home remedy book back when I had the shingles. Then, of course, I took the Valtrex, which worked like a charm.

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I followed your link and read all about shingles.
Thanks for sharing,

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Thanks all for your empathy and sharing useful information on treatment. I now realize my back pain is due to shingles.
Much appreciated,

p.s.: Ghappy18 and jjrtuffy,
Love your profile pictures. I love cows and Hokusai. You inspire me to change my picture.

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