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When my sedrate level is high I have a problem understanding what people are saying.It's like I'm not receiving the right information. I have to ask them what they said. Also,when I'm driving I forget where I'm going. This all happens when my sedrate level is high. Has anyone ever experienced this? I was diagnosed with scleroderma in 1996.

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I have had something like this happen to me, but it was because my thyroid level was extremely low.

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Thank you for the info.I didn't realize that there could be a problem with my thyroid. I will have it checked!Isn't Team Inspire great!!!!!!!!!Thank you and God Bless You

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How do you know your sed rate is high often enough to compare to how you are feeling?

I have it checked every six months. Is there a way to check more frequently so that you know it was 'high' this week and you had those type of symptoms.

My sed rate has gone down with my strict vegan diet, but I am still very forgetful and have to 'think' about things that used to come very easily. I had never thought about the connection.

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It could be stress. When I'm worried about my health and I'm having a flare up, I become disoriented because my head starts filling with all kinds of stuff. Scleroderma is aggrivated by stress. When my ex-husband's mother would come visit, I would flare up with horrible ulcerations that usually required a trip to the ER before she left. (she's a very "toxic" person) When I divorced my husband, my health improved significantly. Something to think about anyway.
Hang in there,

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I have my sedrate level checked every month.I have a great rheumy who does all he can to help me. If I have "thinking" problems I go to my primary care and he orders the lab work. It's been going on for awhile[off and on] so I know when its high. My stress level has been high for the past few months.
How do I get the info on vegan diet? I will certainly consider getting on the eating plan. Thanks alot!!!

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The diet I am on calls for me to be gluten free and a vegan. I do not eat anything with Barley, Rye, Oats, or Wheat. Those have the most gluten.

And I do not eat anything animal protein. That means anything that has a face or comes from a mother. Dairy, Eggs, Meat, Cheese.

I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes. I use almond milk in my smoothie. If you need any more suggestions you can email me at

Best wishes!

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