scleroderma AND Epilepsy? Anyone??

I have numerous health issues as we all do but looking for anyone that has epilepsy and scleroderma. I'm having a lot of problems as the meds I need to be on for scleroderma, don't go with having epilepsy.

Thanks all!!!!

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I do not have epilepsy per se, I have had a seizure after I had brain surgery for a tumor in 1999, but now my EEG does look like I do have epilepsy and I take Zonagram, I have been on anti seizure medication ever since. I also take Lyrica which is also a mild antiepileptic medication that works wonders for for other things. I also take Methotrexate and Plaquenil, along with a hand full of other drugs. I see a Neurologist and a Rheumatologist and I make sure they know what the other is wanting to do and we discuss it.

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I have seizure disorder. I'm on Lamictal. 10 years ago had seizures if I take medication all fine. 2 years ago I was tested and positive for limited sclerderma. My biggest problem is finger ulcers. I take procardia which doesn't help and need to get better mess to control ischemic fingers.

Do you think there is a relation between the two.

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Do you have problems finding pain med's that don't interfere with seizures?

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The only pain meds I've taken is percoset after hand surgery and that doesn't interfere with Lamictal

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omg....I am so sorry for what you are dealing with. I feel very silly as mine is basically controlled with Keppra and Primidone. My doctor did put me on a dose of 300 of gabapentin ( for the pain) which, as he explained, will help with the seizure control. I'm in Illinois. You are dealing with so very much at a young age. I will pray for you every night that you get some relief.

If I can help or listen at any time, please let me know and I will be there for you. I cannot relate to what you are going through as my scleroderma and epilepsy is so minor to yours. Keep fighting.......they are finding out so much every year.


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Just found out I have epilepsy last week. I'm on an increasing dose of lamictol. I have had 4 open heart surgeries, been diagnosed with Asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetese, spondolosis ( not sure how to spell that one) RA. Congestive heart failure pulmonary fibrosis, or ILD which I think they both in the same and systemic scleroderma. I think that gets most of my problems. But the most recent DX is epilepsy. I also have face pain with that . I feel like lightning bolts flash throughout my let side of my face starting at the forehead going down really sharp down to my jaw and around to my hear. The Lamictol is suppose to help that too. We will see. At least now I feel like I'm not the only one out there.

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Yes Spook that's what the DR. called it. and yes it is connected to Scleroderma. What are they doing for you to help with the Trigeminal nerve

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