Roof of mouth pain

I notice of late that whenever I eat/drink anything cold the roof of my mouth afterwards is in a great deal of pain. I just finished a frozen juice bar as I did on Sunday as well and If I clinch my teeth together the pain will subside a little for a moment, upon release the pain returns. I find that with a warm salt water rinse is sometimes helpful, but not that soothing anymore, I can't even describe the pain well enough for you to get a clear understanding. If I were to press my tongue to the roof of my mouth is feels tender, almost like boney blisters. Both unsual and painful to touch at the same time. Even as I write this I need to stop and take tylenol and use orajel to numb the roof, the gums, and perhaps the teeth. Even my jaw is hurting from ear to ear. What is this??????

Has anyone ever experienced this type of pain?, and if so what caused it and what helped the pain? Thanks!


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Scleroderma can cause trigeminal nerve pain, and also jaw bone resorption, and internal tooth resorption. Not saying either of these is what you've got, but you could ask your dentist about the possibility of them next time you see him.

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Thanks DaisyDoo, I will and sooner than later. The discomfort has definitely increased and I hope there's a solution. Again, thanks!

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I worked for a dentist for years, and I agree you need to see your Dentist right away. Could be many things.
They do have prescription rinse you can get that helps with mouth sores. Warning though it can stain you teeth, but usually your hgy can get that off with routine cleanings. It could also be signs of gum diseases. Not sure, but should be checked out. Let me know what you find out.

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i have had many mouth issues...........sore gums, with & w/o sores, painful gums, sore tongue that sometimes swells so i can't open my teeth w/o a ton of pain, swelling & many other things............

i've used hydrogen peroxide, mouth rinses 7 anything i could think of..........

at my last dr' visit, (he keeps his finger on the pulse of everything new, especially for natural things..he has been a godsend) he told me that what he'd heard about & does, is u take this iodine solution, called SSKI (roughly potassium iodine)...........& u drop 1 or 2 drops in ur mouth a swish for a minute or 2 b 4 brushing ur teeth...............

well, i have to tell u, it does not taste good, but i started doing it & u know my mouth issues have gone away...........

i could never remember to do it b 4 brushing, so i do it i figured, better late than never.........the thing is, from the 1st x i di this, i would invariably swallow some...........what i do is swish, spit 3x & then swallow what's left in my mouth..........

now going down the throat tastes really awful, altho i am getting use to it.......but here's what happened doing this..........not only is my mouth so much better, but my esophagus is better...........i have those issues & it causes spasms that r painful & sometimes i can't handle the pain.........when this happens, i get hot water or tea & the heat relaxes it....................but it makes swallow all the time a real chore.........

so anything that helps that is a very good thing...........

iodine is such a great kills germs, kills fungus, helps the thyroid & heals...........pretty amazing stuff..........

but the mouth stuff has all healed & i felt it the very 1st x i used it..........& the taste doesn't last long, so no big thing.........

the SSKI can b gotten at the tahoma clinic on the net..........they r expensive, but u might get it from amazon, shop around..........tahoma charges $20.00 or 1oz..........this lasts a long x, but for what this chemial costs, i buy & mix my own.........not hard at all...........

for yrs i've used white iodine for any cut or scraps..........turns out the scleroderma was there for most my life..........& white iodine doesn't leave that orange stain...........this is potassium iodine or potassium iodide, mixed with alcohol...........i still use this for anything where the skin is open..........stops infection & heals.............

everyone should try it, it really does work well...........the mouth pain can b pretty bad & if u can't eat or chew, how can u not get weaker...............

just an FYI...........


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My doctor reluctantly gave me a prescription for a medicine to help me salivate. Every morning I wake up with my teeth stuck to my tongue and have a few cavities. The medicine has many not great sight affects, including excessive sweat. I don't know if I'll get the medicine since my local pharma is having a difficult time getting it from farma manufacturer. All I want is saliva. I've tried everything and nothing works. I get sores inside my mouth and nose. I'm using warm water and salt to hold it in my mouth and old time vicks for my nose.

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Joycerw, I re-read your initial post, and realized this pain is coming on when you eat or drink cold things. This sounds like you are getting some intense vasoconstriction from the cold. Just as Raynaud's causes vasoconstriction in the fingers and toes, it can also cause it in the mouth or nose, and there are even studies indicating it may affect internal organs.

Here's a case in which it affected the tongue: .

Here's a case in which partial occlusion of the largest artery supplying the posterior hard palate occurred as a result of Raynaud's phenomenon: . If it continues unabated, it can result in necrosis which mimics cancer, but is not. Here's more about it, and again Raynaud's is mentioned. .

Don't eat or drink cold stuff!

I get pain in my esophagus when I eat or drink cold stuff, so I no longer put ice in my drinks or eat ice cream. I let tap water run warm, actually, before I fill my glass. It's more comfortable. I hope this helps. You should still see your dentist, though.

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OMG!!!!!! Daisydoo, my husband and I were having this conversation yesterday as I was making the observation about my feet how they respond to air conditioned places. I wore sandals yesterday and within that instant my the connection about the pain in my mouth reacting as if a Raynaud's attack is the cause, gave me flash light moment. I thought, obsurd sounding, but, very possible. Now you confirm my crazy thought for this pain. And after reading the links you provided, the necrotising sialomelaplasia article was very informative. I will contact my Rheumy for a consult to discuss the possibilities or at least to rule out. The left nostril is affected also I'm convinced because it constantly itch as if from nasal allergies but from breathing cold air.

I am constantly amazed at how boundless this disease is and continues to become on it's way to parts unknown. I appreach your observation and your research passion, you single handedly help so many of us with your investigative edge to all things Scleroderma. I thank you many times over for your insight, we are in this together and collectively I speak for us all Daisydoo, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Be well and God bless is my prayer for us all. Amen!


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