Red feet and hands

Daisy, I ran across this and wonder if your feet are as red as the one in the pic here.Whenever I used to take a warm shower my feet and ankles would be super red and the rest of the body would be red but lighter.I still wonder what caused it.The pic. of your feet is too small to see details.

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Darn,forgot to paste article

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Hey Christine,
My feet and hands are bright red most of the time. They are especially so after a shower or in the heat. I think it can be blamed on the Raynauds because mine will go from bright red, to blue, to purple and then white and right back to red. Maybe Daisy can elaborate.

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Hi Kathy;

Years ago when I was sick my feet ,ankles,hands and wrist would get beet red when I took a shower and the rest of my body was extremely pink.I had Raynaud's in my hands but never the feet.I know that this had something to do with circulation but don't really know what was going on.Today I can get a wee bit of Raynaud's on a hot summer day when I go to the frozen food section of the grocery but I can work all day outside in snow up to my chin cutting logs for the greenhouse boiler but never have a trace of it then.Maybe it's the exercise of lifting a ton of weight that really gets the old heart pumping.Washing pots in cold water for hours on end has no effect either.Strange disease!

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Christine, If you are logged in, and click on my name and then either click on my profile photo, or on the photos tab, it should enlarge the picture of my feet. And yes, they get very very red on the soles. Also the palms of my hands, and my face. When I get out of a warm shower my face, hands and feet are always red like this. And the hands and feet burn like the dickens.

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My hands are red and swollen. They go thru blue, white and then back to red. Usually, over the summer or when the temps get to 75 and above I don't have much trouble. Haven't had any problems with my feet, my swollen ankles have pretty much gone away. I have lost the heel cushion on my one foot though. I am on Minocycline.

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In my case the red attacks are widely separated from the blue attacks, so my doc says I have two different things going on: the red attacks are erythromelalgia, and the white-blue attacks are Raynaud's . And I've only had 3 blue (almost black) attacks, and then only in the feet. So, for me, the red attacks are the biggest problem.

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My fingers are swollen most of the time and usually red. I don't always put gloves on (a big no no) if I just pop outside for a minute and back or go in the freezer so I get the blue from that, then white, then they will eventually go back to red. I'm in NC so soon the temps will be high enough they won't bother me until fall. I have an appt at Duke in June with a new doc so I will ask him if there is anything I should take that won't interfere with my AP.

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My hands, feet, nose and ears turn bright red and very hot at times, especially if they are exposed to warm water when I am having chills or if I cry. Sometimes they get so red and hot until I have to apply cool compresses. Sometimes this is associated with a Raynauds attack and sometimes it's separate.

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