Raynaud's -- Thumbs anyone? or cuticle issues?

My Raynaud's is pretty mild, I have no ulcers. But I not only have it in my fingers but my thumbs also.
Does any one else get Raynaud's on their thumb? I was reading that Raynaud's is usually on the fingers and spares the thumbs .
Well it is just like me to be odd. Just doing an informal survey here -- anyone else with Raynaud's of the thumb?

I don't have any skin involvement but I have trouble with my cuticles. They get overgrown and hard with visible tiny hemorrhages on them. They will also get painful splits on the sides. My right thumb ( the side my Raynaud's is the worst) has the worst cuticle problems. The cuticles will grow high up on my thumbnail, then get some tiny dot hemorrhages that start out like bright red dots or streaks and then turn to dark brown or maroon. Then my cuticle will peel way down my thumb and then the cycle will start all over again. Well this time the cuticle does not seem to be growing back. I have no cuticle and the lunula seems rather reddish at the bottom -- not sure if it is always that way because usually the cuticle has overgrown the lunula so much so that only a little white is showing. On my fingers no lunula is visible only the thumbs. I have 2 questions.
Does anyone else have peeling or splitting cuticles -- or no cuticles at all like on my thumb right now?

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Buy a bottle of natural vitamin E and poke a hole in one of the pills apply in affected finger tip over night or day, pain will stop an your finger would go back to normal. Being doing this for years and it works! Ur welcome :) lets me know if it works for you!

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My Raynaud's is mild too. I have extreme dry cuticles, dry skin around the nails and fingers. The only thing I have found to minimize the peeling is sleeping with vaseline slathered over fingers and hands, covering with gloves or footies on my hand. Keeping them on throughout the night is challenging however a couple hours gives some relief. Bag Balm can be effective also.

I need a solution for peeling and splitting nails. Tried Biotin vitamins which I found some improvement for a short time. Nails have gone back to peeling as I continue to take the vitamin.

Hope this gives you some relief.

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My peeling/splitting nails were a symptom of hashimoto's. Once I found a naturopath who based treatment on symptoms, not lab tests, my nails recovered fully.

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Vitamin E oil comes in liquid form too. Very inexpensive but I rub it on my cuticles and it makes them like almost new. I also rub a bit on my fingers and hands.

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I rub vitamin e oil into my ulcers and I think it helps! Good luck . Also Dermol cream is good.

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My Raynauds is in my hands, feet and ears! Right hand is most involved. In winter I wear mittens outside to keep all my fingers together for warmth. Also use stick on Toastie Toes for feet and Hot Hands inside mittens. Of course the blower motor in my car went out and my mechanic decided to bow out(says he's going broke) on me before he could get the repair done! BBBRRRRR!

I also always wear a warm hat when it is cold outside!

If you don't live where it gets really cold my remedies won't help much, but if I learn of anything new that might help you/others I will definitely post it!

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How often does raynauds only affect a random finger vs. all of them? Same question for the nailfold capillaries - is it typically all of the fingers or is it normal for there to only be a few with issues?

With Raynauds, is it normal that sometimes you can run the coldest water on your hands and nothing happen?

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Every Raynaud episode can be different. Sometimes I will have it in just an index finger, and sometimes all (including the thumb). I once had a weekend where my thumb was swollen, beet red, and itched to high heaven. Went to the Dr. on Monday and he prescribed Amlodipine. The circulation was restored but really hasn't lessened the Raynauds. I have the same issue with the capillaries on my fingers, but mine don't peel back. They become hard and won't come off unless I accidently stuff my hand into something that literally cuts them. Ouch. My Raynaud's episodes always come when my internal body temp is too low. We keep our thermostat at 72 F to help reduce the number I have per day. And the tongue thing? I can no longer stick my tongue out very far because those stringy things on the bottom feel like they're ripping. I used to be able to touch my nose with my tongue!

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Yes, I now get raynauds in the thumbs alot. I don't know why. I don't think I used to for the first 7-8 yrs. The high dose procardia (90 mg total in 3 doses)seems to have helped my fingers/toes circulation.

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Sometimes if circulation is better you won't have an attack!

Air conditioning can also set it off. I once walked out of Younker's because they had it so COLD in there and I was in so much pain I couldn't shop!

It is also normal to have just one finger involved. Mine started with just my right forefinger involved. I couldn't figure out what was going on!

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My brother, who has a different auto-immune issue than my ssd, recommended a cream called nailbirth. I have been using it for a couple of months and it seems to help keep my cuticles and all around my fingernails softer. You get it online at www.nailbirth.com.

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