Raynaud's and heart surgery

Has anyone had to be cooled down with heart-lung bypass. is there anyway to avoid the pain from low body-temp?

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I have not had any surgery that required the by-pass and cooling, but I have worked in the OR while they are doing that. The patient is under anesthesia and completely unaware of this and feeling no pain. The patient is rewarmed at the end of the procedure and should be completely warmed up before they regain consciousness. They do monitor the patient's temperature through out the procedure and after, to insure that they are fully "warmed".
Hospitals are cold though, and if you feel chilled after waking up, they always have plenty of warm blankets that they can bring you to insure that your body temp stays in a comfortable range.

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I agree with Florida RN. Patients are warmed up after the cooling part is finished. They also have nice "Bair Huggers" that they often put on patients who aree cooler than wanted. These "Bair Huggers" are "blankets" that are made in such a way that warm air can be forces through them.

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