probiotics and suppressed immune system

Is anyone using AP therapy also taking a medication that suppresses your immune system (I take Cellcept as well) using a probioitic supplement? I have been because of the AP, but was reading and also heard tonight on the news that people with suppressed immune systems shouldn't take probiotics. So...any opinions? Will ask my doctor when I go on Friday as well.

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Safety Concerns of Probiotics

Side effects of probiotics may include mild, temporary digestive complaints, such as gas and bloating.

People who are immunosuppressed should seek medical advice before using probiotics. It is possible that the probiotic itself may cause a serious infection. One death was reportedly linked to probiotic use in a person taking immunosuppressant medication.

Another interesting tidbit about diet:

More about probiotics 901004#Side-Effects

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I don't take any immunosupressants but some of the people on my personal scleroderma board do. I never took probiotics until recently. They must be taken 2 hours before or after the AP. A lot of people on AP, swear by the probiotics. I never did but my GI doctor put me on them for another issue a few months ago and I gotta say, it is working! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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Hi there. I have been interested in taking pro-biotics for the last year and finally started taking then after three months of anti-biotic use and had a great deal of trouble. I have done some research on pro-b. and everything I have come across says they are really good for those with immune system problems. The latest info I found was that Costco, not sure if you have Costco there, has a powered one that need to be kept in the refrigerator, but is one of the better ones and we only need about .5 or 1 tsp per day, something like 50 billion of the good bacteria per dose. I really think that our guts are so messed up not only from foods and environment but also because we have problems with auto-immune diseases and our good bacteria is so damaged. I believe in them and take them on a regular basis and will probably keep taking them as long as I have Scleroderma. I started eliminating lotions and shampoos and cleaners and whatever I could from my home because I started getting sensitive to a lot of products and that is because of my weakened immune system too so whatever I can do do help I will try. I don't think they will hurt you and why not try pro-biotics and see what happens and if you have a problem then quit.


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Anyone who is considering taking anything else that has not been precribed by your doctor should not do so unless they dicuss it with their doctor first. After all they are the ones with the knowledge (hopefully) and should be kept abreast of what your doing. Even some vitamin supplements can cause more problems.

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A knowledgeable pharmacist can be a great source of information also about the interactions between drugs, probiotics, supplements, herbal remedies, etc.

For example, fish oil pills thin your blood, you must be careful if you are taking blood thins.

In reality, everything you put in your body is a drug. You have reactions to everything whether good or bad.

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