painful, itchy sores on scalp

Over the last 2 weeks, I have painful, sores on my scalp. I also have slight hair loss in the areas of the sores and seems hair is also brittle there. Sores have spread and not going away. Also have pain, tenderness on front of left leg just above ankle. That area has redness and feels to touch. If I push in this with slight pressure, leaves an indent on skin.

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That's called "pitting edema". Pitting edema can sometimes result from kidney or heart problems, so you should have those things checked out by your doctor. I have had pitting edema occasionally in my ankles since 1985. It now turns out that I have a heart problem, possibly (probably?) caused by the scleroderma: left ventricular diastolic dysfunction, grade 2, which is the stage that causes ankle edema. It was revealed by a simple, non-invasive cardioechogram ordered by my scleroderma doc. A subsequent metabolic stress test showed my VO2 Max is down about 50% from what it should be for my age and sex. They tell me that if it gets bad enough, the cardiologist can give me medications to help increase the strength of the heart contractions, but other than that, there's nothing to actually slow down the damage.

On the other hand, if it's a kidney problem, there are medications that can help avoid kidney failure. So it's really something to get checked out.

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I thank u so much 4 such a quick response. First time had my feet checked (swollen like balloons) I was told by dr. That was alergic reaction to eating fish??? Although I did eat fish around that time, it continues. I hate seafood and have not had fish for over a year. As far as my scalp, thisreally concerns me. I will definately maqike an appt with dr. Thanks again and today being Sunday... GO COWBOYS!!!! We'll C??? God bless & have agreat day. Allan

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Obviously not a reaction to fish, since it has continued. If he refuses to consider heart and kidney, then you should fire him and get a new doc. Have you been diagnosed with scleroderma? If so, maybe you need a scleroderma specialist.

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Go to a dermatologist and make sure it isn't ringworm unless you can clearly see there is no ring around the sore. As you can get it on your scalp and have hair loss with it. Also, Have a full thyroid panel done as I lose my hair and ends of my eyebrows etc as I have a Thyroid Disease. I get sores on my scalp, hands, feet and extremely swollen as you can see from the photo. I don't know what is going on with me completely yet. I am getting a bunch of new symptoms of late. My breast surg is tomorrow morning. After that I am going in for tests until they find out cuz I am not moving from the docs office until they do, I have had it! I wish you all the luck in your research and pray you get your answers you are seeking!

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No, I have not been diagnosed w/anything. I have been reserching this for a couple years and read at one point, eating disorders & alcohol could have an affect like this. 15 years ago, I was active w/ bulemia and almost 1 year 2 the day, I drank a lot, 4 a long time. None of this for 15/1 years. I have been do n everything 2 stay healthy. I will definately contact dr. 2 make appt. Again, thx for the information that my dr. Has never mentioned. Allan. ;-)

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