No epsom salt for soaking ulcers

I started to soak my ulcers with epsom salt and hot water. My rheumatologist said the epsom salt wasn't proven to help. He said to soak them in hot water only. WHAT?
Hasn't epsom salt been used for a hundred years?
I thought it was proven.
I am still using manuka honey too.
F U to medical establishment.

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Actually, he's right. As nearly as I can tell there's been absolutely no studies done on epsome salts. Check for "heptahydrate epsomite" (in quotes) which is the chemical name for epsom salts. Nothing, nada, zilch!
Searching under "epsom" I find a bunch of articles, some of which may briefly have the word in them, but the only ones of these which have "epsom," in the title are this one: , and this one: , and this one: .

To be fairly certain I had not missed anything, I searched again under "epsom antimicrobial" . All that came up with were a couple of articles by a researcher with surname Epsom.

And lastly I searched it under "epsom antibacterial". Again, all that came up with was either articles by Epsom, or from the Epsom Hospital.

Ok, how about "epsom disinfectant"? Just 3 unrelated articles that came out of Epsom Hospital.

Need I say more? There are a whole lot of myths and old wives tales about epsom salts, but none of it has EVER been substantiated.

So if you want to use it, fine. Just be aware that you're trusting your finger to something that has not been substantiated.

Normally I do not quote articles that are not from, but I found this one both amusing and instructive:, and I thought the author did a really great job on researching the subject. Enjoy!

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Look up MGS04. That is the chemical name for epsom salt I think.

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Actually Epsom salts is the hydrated form of MGSO4, so it's a little different. It's MGSO4-7H2O. And I'm not sure whether you can get it from just dropping MGSO4 into water. Does anyone know?

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Epsom Salt doesn't have a pharmaceutical company backing up research to make millions of dollars.

But I understand your point.

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I don't intend to insult anyone,,,,,so please don't anyone take it that way. BUT..........................................

The medical world has been incorrect enough for me to know that they should NOT be trusted without your own research when possible. Actually, I think they should be ashamed of themselves. I call them "the established debacle"

As far as Epsom Salts goes ????????? Real simple. Since there is little risk to anymore damage with such a product I would absolutely try it.
Remember people,,,, we are talking about a medical problem (SD) which there is:
1- no cure
2- no PROVEN medicine that actually works effectively on a constant basis. Yes, some show some help on some people (very few),, but........
3- with the medicines that MIGHT help,,, they are both short term and the side effects are almost worse then the disease itself.

My wife has tried 50 different things for her ulcers when they 1st appeared. And do you know why we tried 50 different things ????? Because the Dr said there was nothing for them. So we looked at a million odd things that appeared to be safe and tried 1 at a time. Pure lemon juice (no go), triple antibiotic (no go), and so on and so on. We tried mayonaise, we tried hot sauce, we tried pickle juice. And guess what. We are pretty sure we found 1. (which of course the DR said is impossible). But, as of now she is 3 for 3 with the disappearing of the ulcers. And not 1 has come back in the same spot. Did it work or was it just a coincidence ?????
We don't know and we don't care. All my wife knows is that after soaking her ulcered finger tip in PEROXIDE for about 1/2 hour 3 times a day for about 1 week it was completely dried out,,, she picked it out and it was done. The skin grew back over the hole in about 2 weeks and there is no sign of anything.
As the second one appeared she did the same thing with the same results. And the same with the 3rd ulcer. After about a week or so it was also gone. She actually hasn't had an issue with them in about 3 months now. But I guarantee,,, when another ulcer pops up her finger will go in a little cup of PEROXIDE.

No medical studies that I know of have been done on that. And for all I know it is just some odd thing just with her that it works.
But because there are no medical studies on something certainly wouldn't keep her from using it.

Now i am not sitting here telling anyone to use it. All I am saying is she does and it works for her.

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I am trying the peroxide for my finger and elbow ulcers. Can't hurt anything, and if it works that would be wonderful!! Thanks.

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Now peroxide is one that I WOULD use! But then it has proven antimicrobial action! I use peroxide on every cut in the skin. I don't even wait for it to become an ulcer.

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For those willing to try it.....................................your finger will look pretty ugly at 1 point.

i hope it works for whoever tries it. Again,,, I have ZERO clue if that is what worked or it was just a coincidence.
But 3 for 3 ????? I'll go with the Judy and Lou study. LOL

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I'll try the peroxide.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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I soak mine with peroxide and warmwater. (Half and half.)
I think I may try the full strength.

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ok lou, were with you on this. i have read that peroxide isnt good for fresh cuts as it kills the new cells that are trying to heal. perhaps the ulcers offer a different dilemma. i use peroxide on teeth and ears so why not. i started last night - it did its usual bubbling stuff and does appear to be dried out today but still with conical pit. does judy leave hers uncovered between treatments? its been months without change so im enjoying this experiment - fingers in the pickle jar didnt do it either.

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I have read that also about peroxide retarding healing due to irritation. But personally I've never had a cut that didn't heal well after using peroxide. And anyway, what retards healing more - germs (gangrene), or peroxide? I'd rather kill the germs, and take my chances with peroxide any day. That being said, just in case it does have some minor affect on healing, what about using one of the new sterile saline sprays to spray it all off after soaking, and then blot the finger dry on a sterile guaze pad. And maybe then put neosporin on it? And then maybe bandage it to keep more germs from getting into it, making sure to put on fresh bandages daily. That being said, remember I'm an O.D. not an M.D. so all the usual disclaimers apply.

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My dad's mother used to have awful chronic foot pain, and when I last saw her before she died, she had all these weird radial furrows around her mouth just like I see in the pictures of CREST syndrome or limited systemic scleroderma. Dad had the awful foot pain also, and by the time he died, had actually gone numb up to his knees. The neurologist said it wasn't due to his spine problems, but rather a peripheral neuropathy of some sort. Now I know in retrospect what was going on with him.

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I couldn't live without epsom salts. I use a big bag in a tub of water as hot as i can stand it.

When I am miserable that is what I turn to.

For ulcers I am not sure but I would take any one's advice (including mine) with a grain of epsom salt.

if it works for you use it. My Dr asked me why i just didn't go soak in the ocean, everyone has an opinion but in the end it is what works for each one of us.

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Hi all, its funny that u would say peroxide. My daughter get Raynards and last winter I thought she had a cut and pour peroxide on her finger 3x a day. She actually had a little ulcer according to her rhemy. But the darn thing worked to clear it up. It worked for us-so don't knock it til u try it......LOL

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I have used both peroxide and epsom salts for years. I was quite a tomboy and my mother kept and used "gallons" of it! It has always been trustworthy for me! And when I am fatigued and my body is so sore, I fill the tub with hot water about three handfuls of salts....pure heaven and I feel great for hours after!! (PS. I have even used it as a scrub with lavendar baby oil on my feet and legs.)

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To everyone in regards to the PEROXIDE..............

*pour it right out of the container at full strength into a little cup. Judy used a typical 3oz bathroom cup.
*stick your finger in it for about 1/2 hr.
*leave uncovered until the next time.
***** DO NOT USE ANY OINTMENT THAT WILL KEEP THE FINGER MOIST. The idea is to completely dry it out as to basically kill it and the skin around it.
*as the skin becomes dry you actually start to peal it away. it's like trying not to peal yourself when you have sunburn. You just have to do it,, so it will be natural to just sit and watch TV and pick away. LOL.
*eventually you will dig out the entire Calcinosis deposit.
*it will look ugly for a short time but this has worked for her and it heals over without a single sign of there ever being anything there.
*to date she has never had another one form on the same finger.
Hopefully this works for everyone and it is not just some weird coincidence with her.

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Judy just told me that she would soak the finger for about 15 - 20 minutes not 1/2 hr. SORRY
And only 2x a day. SORRY again.
What the hell do I know.

*soak 2x a day for 15-20 minutes at a time
*pour straight peroxide into a small cup (like a 3oz bathroom cup)
*after soaking keep it dry and POSITIVELY DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON IT THAT WILL KEEP IT MOIST. The idea is to dry the sucker out.
*as the skin around it starts to dry out start pealing it away. you will peal a little each day as it is drying out
*you eventually will peal out the calcinosis deposit itself.
*your finger tip will have a hole in it and it will look ugly for a short time. But it will quickly clear up and there will be no visible signs of anything. And more importantly...........NO PAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again,,, hopefully this really works for everyone and it is not some weird coincidence with Judy.

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AMEN LOU-JUDY...i agree with u 100% and guess wat my doctor told me to soak my ulcers in perioxide when i was having them also there is a creme that also works for me with the pain is called clotrimazole and betamethasone which i keep handy ....but thank God i havent had one in 2 years i think that being home on disability and not being at the job which they kept 50 degrees daily has eased my pain from ulcers..but i jus wanted to let u no wat u posted i give 2 thumbs up..thank u and god bless u n ur wife..

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Clotrimazole is for fungal infections. Betamethasone is a steroid, and steroids are not usually used on broken skin because they lower the body's defenses against infection. Interesting.

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