New Telephone Support Group!

Hi Everyone - our chapter (Scleroderma Foundation, Tri-State) is launching a new support group tomorrow called Tri-State Connect. This new concept will provide support and education for scleroderma patients, family members and caregivers through a telephone conference call every month (3rd Tuesday).

Janet Ryan -- Wellness Solutions will be tomorrow night's speaker.
Janet will discuss the components of digestion and how they relate to whole body health. She will also compare types of supplementation, their bioavailability and benefits for auto-immune sufferers. As trained by naturopathic doctors and certified nutritionists, she will share suggested regimens for various auto-immune support.
In addition, she will give listeners an overview of a high level micronutrient analysis that will identify both nutrient and lipid deficiencies and imbalances that can be corrected nutritionally.

The support group leader is Jan E Gnall,MPA, BS, MLT, ASCP. If you would like to participate, pls email or mbbkadylak@scleroderma.or for the phone # and access code.

Be well. Mary Beth

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Thanks so much for the information!

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What a great idea. I wish they had that locally where I am. I am just not up to going to meetings but a phone support group would be great!

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Dear Friends - you don't have to be a member of tri-state to join the call! Just click here for the details:

Join us! Mary Beth

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Thank you for posting this information. I'm delighted
that it is open to others. I'm in North Carolina.

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I'm from Georgia and called in to last night's meeting. It was very informative, and I look forward to future conference calls. Thank you so much for opening this up to those outside of your support group!

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Hi! Was this conference call recorded? Thanks!

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We are working on a way to put the recording up for those that missed it! I'll post again when it is ready. Thanks for your interest!

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If you would like to listen to the first meeting, it is now available online!

Click here and scroll down to under Support to Tri-State Connect: qKA9Bg


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Is there a scheduled day and time for these meetings? I had no idea that the first meeting already happened. By the way, this is a terrific idea, and I really appreciate that this will be something that I can participate in. Thanks in advance. CC

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Never mind, LOL...Brain fog!

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This was wonderful information, thank you for recording it for those ho could not listen live!

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