Need a GI doc in Ohio

I am newly diagnosed with Scleroderma an am in desperate need of a GI doctor in my area who knows about Scleroderma and motility problems!! I have been to two Gi docs and they just dont know enough. I have severe acid reflux, bloating, barretts esophgus and large hital hernia and now Scleroderma so I need a doc who is not only a good overall GI doc but knows and understands Scleroderma.
I live in Columbus Ohio so if anyone has any suggestins I am all ears!!!

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Try contacting SAM at She is a group leader for the Scleroderma Foundation, in Ohio. I am not sure she is in Columbus, but would probably know good GI docs who know Scleroderma, in your area.

There was a time I was bleeding from the esophagus, (GERD) and stomach,(watermelon stomach), but that is all gone now! Had a good GI out here.

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Thanks for the info. Its so hard to find docs that know alot about scleroderma!!! They have all heard of it, maybe have had one or patients with it, but for the most part just dont know enough to help!!
Thanks again

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Hi, I was wondering if you know of a good Rheumatologist that know alot about Scleroderma in Ohio. I live in Springfield, Ohio.

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I see Dr Chatterjee at the Cleveland Clinic. If you go to the Cleveland Clinic website they have a directory of all Rheum docs. The Clinic is #2 for auto immune diseases....hope that helps

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Hello it is Sam, Well this is my own Gastro doctor and I like him very much. I have been seeing him since 2003.

David Zack l DO
4841 Monroe St. Toledo Ohio

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I see Dr. Bashar Kahaleh in Toledo.
He is a Scleroderma Specialist . I have been seeing him since 2000. 419-383-3742

Let them know you have scleroderma and that I had recommend him to you. Sam

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Thanks for the information. I have already been thru 3 rheumys who are not on the same page. I just want some help and it seems like I am getting the run around from each doctor.

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Thanks for this information. I called the office and they are requesting info from my family physician. The lady that I spoke with said that they will review my records and get back to me when the doctor decides if he can help me or not. I hope that he will take me as a patient because I am getting no where with doctors around Springfield, Ohio.


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Sheila that is great did you happen to talk with Lala?

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I spoke with someone else. She was a very nice person.

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