Nail Fold Capillary Dropouts

I have had the nail fold capillascopy test done and it showed that I had nail fold drop outs. I was just trying to figure out what form of scleroderma dropout are usually associated with. I've read with limited there usually isn't capillary dropouts and seeing as I only developed Raynauds in January and had the dropouts by March to me that seems kinda fast disease progression I also have lupus like symptoms.

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Dropout usually goes with diffuse scleroderma rather than with limited. See this . Some sources say dropout can also occur in dermatomyositis, polymyositis, lupus and mixed connective tissue disease while at least one source ( dropout+%28dermatomyositis+OR+polymyositis+OR+lupus%29&source=bl&ots=jJq0qP tD3s&sig=VxIWJ1Set5lwjG_1Dz7AcgO7qbs&hl=en&ei=gzUaTsPuJuXZ0QHgkaGXBQ&sa=X&o i=book_result&ct=result&resnum=7&sqi=2&ved=0CEEQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=nailfold %20dropout%20%28dermatomyositis%20OR%20polymyositis%20OR%20lupus%29&f=false ) says it is specific for scleroderma. The docs definitely don't agree on dropout!

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It's so confusing and i'm only like 6 months into this whole process it's gonna be a long 6 more months....It's just my Rheum didn't mention my telangiectasia and I wonder why not if she would of I could of had a limited sclero dx. Unless she doesn't think it is limited and is waiting to see what happens. I just feel like my progression was so fast just barely 2 month from normal to capillary dropouts.

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Oh plus my rheum said this "scleroderma [GERD, Raynaud's Phenomena and positive capillary drop outs] i wonder if there are any signs one should know about that would let you know before the skin symptoms start I also read those with capillary drop outs also have a worse prognosis because that can mean organ involvement...ugh

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One would think that dropout would signify organ involvement, but remember limited scleroderma cases don't usually get dropout, and they still have organ involvement.

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yes that is true but I guess if I do have organ involvement I would like to know whether I'd be limited or progressive and then I have lupus symptoms malar rash mild low C4 my rheumatologist went as far as to say I have early onset Lupus and she put that 1st and had Scleroderma secondary. I know there is a type of lupus they are finding that has sclerodermic manifestations they think it is a subset of SLE but perhaps it's own disease but I don't think they have to much info on that yet. it seems like no matter how you look at capillary drop outs the options are not the best. It does say in limited they usually dont have drop outs well how many do. that would be so nice to

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I'm impressed with how hard you work to know about your symptoms even if they seem shifting and confusing.
And your doctor seems to be on the right track, no?
Well, hang in there. I'm thinking about you! Hope you get solid answers soon.


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Thank you for your kind words. It is all very confusing and at times like today I just get overwhelmed. i think part of it is my age and my stage at life. I want to get married and start a family. Then I wonder what will happen to me in the future what do I have to look for what is going to happen, and it just drives me to keep searching for answers. I just have too! What else is there for me to do. My new rheum seems to be on top of things but she is 3 1/2 hours away too though but bettor than

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I called my rheumy today about what the capillary drop outs meant her nurse called me back and it sounded like I got the run around answer. She said drop outs are a part of secondary raynauds consistent with my UCTD. Okay great that sure told me a whole Everything i read says capillary dropouts are mostly consistent with progressive scl or DM. it does say usually not in Limited however when I look up limited I cant find anything that says they do have drop outs. Then I saw with progressive sometimes PBC is linked in and while I don't have that yet I already have the IgG antibody in my system so hmmm. I hate this waiting game it's not fun can I stop playing

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Ugh, this subject is still bothering me to no end! Everything I have looked up and read only talks about drop outs happening in DM, PSSC, and MCTD. I know lupus is out for me because I had the test that showed that pattern was that of sceroderma (however DM looks very similar) Unless my doctor is totally a dunce and read it the wrong way. I've also thought about the possibilities of Sine as you would think if I had drop outs I'd have skin hardening already, yet I do not. Not that I want skin hardening but I just not sure where to go. They say those with Sine can either have or not have Raynauds but nothing is said about drop outs UGH. On another note I went to get my ring sized at a jewelry store and the jeweler's wife has scleroderma. So there is someone in this city with something similar to me to bad I don't know who she is.

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