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Hello everyone! Does anyone have a anti-inflammatory diet they are using to reduce the pain from the morphea deep lesions. Which is what I have. I have a lesion on my buttock and it is very painful. Nee help! Thanks.

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This is one diet that I try to follow. .html

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Yep, I follow the one in the link Maggi posted. Going gluten free is a great start. Eating as much natural foods (fruits, veggies) as possible is wise. Avoid processed foods, sugar, salt, trans fats (the WORST for anyone), fast food. I don't have morphea, so I can't speak to it helping specifically as you are asking, but this is a great diet for anyone with an autoimmune condition of any kind.

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I am on a diet directed under my holistic doctor -- very strict. If it's not in the category of fish (only salmon/mackerel), meat (no pork, no chicken), vegetables (no white potatoes), or fruit (no bananas), I'm to avoid it; only olive oil, lemon, and fresh garlic with pink salt for a salad dressing; no cooking with oils other than coconut oil and ghee (clarified butter found at whole foods). Before the diet, I had hot searing knife like sensations in my skin on my chest and neck area, a itchy burning sensation, severe fatigue, stiff and achy bones (the doc says joints -- but it is bone pain and not my joints.) Now, the symptoms are barely noticeable -- the itchy sensations are ever so slight. I usually feel good enough to run errands, go on field trips with my kids; I was even out 12 hours Easter Saturday!

I cheated on my diet because it was Easter, however. I just had to have some mac & cheese, some carrot cake, I love peeps and jelly beans (especially black jelly beans); don't forget the chocolate bunny and Cadbury creme chocolate eggs! Well, the week after, and even this morning, I swear I am paying for it. Woke up stiff and achy as if I had the flu. Itchy burning sensations are more intense. I can't make a fist and could not open food jars today. Look tired and run down most of the day today. I think I also notice more tightening of my skin.

Pray you find what works for you.

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You are so right on with the diet-there are some days (weeks) I am so good and then just have to have a dessert and had to have some ribs the other night. My only symptoms (thank God) are hands feeling tight, so pain on the top of my feet where my shoes hit and my knees. I can sure deal with this-was able to mow 2 lawns yesterday and also work in the garden. I do swear by the gluten free diet and lots of herbs/vitamins

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That's great, melane! 2 lawns -- Wow!

I forgot to mention the sore pain in the instep of my foot and the feeling of tingling numbness along with the sensation of marbles stuck in the ball of my feet where the toes and ball are joined. That's a strange sensation and it happened in my sleep with socks on my feet and all of a sudden my feet were ice cold. It was the sensation that woke me up.

Today, a great day. No pain. Yeah! God is so good.

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I too have the sensation of marbles in the toe joint area and ball of foot. Complicating the sensation was neuroma that needed to be removed. I am currently in Physical Therapy wc was originally for hip pain and weakness in the leg. I note all this because after processing the past few years I truly believe the pain your talking about in feet caused me to compensate in my gait. Physical therapy has determined that the tendons and ligaments in the foot are essentially stretched and contributing to my problems (which is that i have taken 4 significant falls in the past few months) Now with the assistance of two different orthotics wrapped around the toe joints and now the ankle alot of the discomfort has gone away. Even at night when it was the worst. I highly recommend seeing an orthopedist or foot and ankle specialist. My problems really did develop over time. I have also begun to swear by Physical Therapy for helping learn to manage our pain and lack of energy. But as with anything finding good people you can work with is key. Good Luck.

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Thanks dmh. This was the first time I experienced that sensation. It was wierd. How long did you have this sensation?

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I was foolish and waited almost a year before really seeing anyone. It grew worse and I thought it must be my shoes etc. It would keep me up at night and I reached a point I couldnt let the sheets touch it. The main problem was the neuroma of the the 4th area. The coincidence was that the scleroderma was developing at the same time. With Auto Immune disease I believe conditions that would be minimal for some are exacerbated by our condition of the autoimmune problems. It is worth having it checked out. There are a number of options for treatment. The physician at the time felt it didnt have to do with Scleroderma but my post surgical experience did which was a somewhat long recovery, let alone the other progressive problems I described. Hopefully it will resolve for you on its own but dont suffer with it too long. Glad I could help. THese discussions are really helpful.

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Thank you. The discussions really are helpful. I mentioned the other symptoms in responding to this post and melane's responds prompted me to mention this first time experience I had. I believe that's God's way of working. Because you saw it and said you had the same experience, encouraging me to get it checked out. I will.

Thanks so..... much! Thank you melane for responding to sugarpie's post. And thank you sugarpie for posting. Had you never posted, we would not be responding.

God bless.

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There is a book by a Dr. Joel Furhman that has a strict diet and it used to reduce inflammation. Your local library probably has the book I think it was called Eat to Live or something to that effect. It is primarily a vegetarian diet he recommends so if you can handle that, it may be right for you. He also talks about specific foods to reduce inflammation so in that respect it is helpful even if you do not want to be vegetarian. Personally, sugar is a very big trigger for me and I'm sure a lot of people. I try to stay away from it but it is very difficult. Buying organic (if you can afford it) may also help. Good luck!

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