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I'm curious as to finding out if anyone can shed some light on this procedure? Is it dangerous... is it necessary... I'm just feeling like I'm being used for experiments.. so many things being thrown at me all at once.. this is just one of them. Having some nodule issues.. pet scan negative.. one is weakly pet positive.. CT scans are stable every three months so far. Just asking.

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Are you talking about a gastric lavage? It is not really a lung wash, it is a procedure where they put a tube into your lungs and then use a small amount of fluid to wash some cells into the tube for diagnosis. Dave had it done twice, didn't remember it either time, and had no side effects. It is what they used to diagnose his BOOP, which was missed in a much more invasive open lung biopsy only a month before.

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No, she's talking about pulmonary or bronchoalveolar lavage. Here are some articles on it at -8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a . Apparently the absence or presence of neutrophils in the fluid that comes back out of the lungs may have prognostic significance.

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Thank you Daisy do, Bronchiolar lavage is what I meant. Duh. Getting old sucks!

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Thank you both... I will check out that web site.

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I just had a brohncoscopy (? spelling) last week and they washed my lungs to retrieve cells for tests (looking for inflammation). The throat is numbed with an inhaler and then I was given twilight sleep sedation and more numbing medicine was administered to reduce coughing. The scope is placed through the mouth and into the lungs to look around a saline is washed over areas inside and then suctioned back out. The procedure took about 30-60 minutes (I was blissfully unaware of anything) and then you are kept in recovery until they feel you are ok to go. It was an outpatient procedure and I felt kind of wiped out for the next 3-4 days (kind've like I was getting the flu), but feel much better now. Good news for me, my numbers were low so I won't have to start on any type of medicine at this point and will have all my lung function and heart test repeated in 3 months! I am newly diagnosed and my initial cat scan indicated "shattered glass" areas in my lungs and the doc wasn't sure if it was due to scarring or if there was active inflammation occurring in which case a medication regimen would have been started.

I don't know if this is what you are referring to but hope the info helps.

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Yes this is what I am referring to. Thank you for that information... I'm just a bit overwelmed by so many doctors... so many scans and tests and meds.. guess I better get used to it. I was diagnosed with Crest syndrom SSc and overlapping RA in November of 2011... and it's been a roller coaster ride since. Thanks for the description of Lung Wash.. which is what my doctor called it.

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Hi, Yes it can be a bit or very overwhelming in the beginning of a new disease. I would get a tablet and write down your symptoms each ad=nd every day and write down how much or how little your pain level is and what you did... just take one day at a time and if you don't like a doctor, get another one... that is the way to go....

I wish the very best for you and please let us know how you do.If you want to write, I check these forums on a regular basis.

Take care,
Peace and Blessings,
Stacey ;)

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Thank you Stacey... sometimes just an understanding heart is all that is needed to make it feel better. :)

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Take care Jeanne13, hope your test results are good.

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