kidney stones

I have a question about kidney stones. I never had them before but this is my second one in a few years. Is there a direct correlation between kidney stones and systemic scleroderma?

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I would love to know this answer too! I have constant kidney stones! If my back isn't killing me then the tube leading from my kidneys to my bladder is! It's constant! I also have scleroderma. Diagnosed at nine years old. 35 now.

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I have had scleroderma since my late teens. I am now 61. The kidney stones are new. It seems every year there is something new. I have an app in a few weeks with my rheumatologist. I will ask him but wondered if there is anybody else with this. Thanks for your input Heather.

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foods with a lot of oxalates such as tea and spinach seem to cause them.

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I started getting kidney stones and migranes this year. Not sure about correlation but taking a calcium supplement helped bind the oxalates in my system and keep them from clumping into stones. Figuring out what kind of stones you have is usually the first step. If you can filtet your urine and capture a stone to give your doc you will be a step ahead of the game.

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Have you had a CT scan? I was diagnosed with nephrocalcinosis, which is where both kidneys are filled with stones. Tests show I have malabsorption and this caused the stones to develop. I take potassium citrate and eat a low oxalate diet but the stones are permanent and won't go away. Two years ago my CT was clear, no stones, now they are huge and every part is filled. I pee protein and blood constantly. I assume it is all part of this disease. Docs don't make things very clear.

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